Monday, February 25, 2013


There have been quite a few coincidences lately, some I don't remember.

Last week I had a couple of interesting ones which I thought to blog:

So, I was in London where a very good host took me to his place and asked me to stay the night, I wasn't very comfortable but I did not feel very good to refuse. His brother in law, a guy nearly my age, also lives together with them, and after an initial conversation with him, it turned out that his parent are my parents' neighbor in Karachi - a pleasant coincidence. Just today, one of my father's friends (who frequents our place regularly) asked him if I was in London, and upon learning that, he told him that I stayed with his newly related son-in-law (the guy my age I met at my acquaintance's place). We all felt amused by this surprise.

Last week, a friend came to my current city and we decided to have dinner together. He had a consultant-colleague with him too, an American-German, and a PhD in Physics, so we decided to have local barbecue together. Just when he entered the restaurant, I told my other friend that I have seen this person somewhere. Then we met them and started having an interesting chat, and later on, he told me that he was on Istanbul airport right when I was, and we were on the same flight from Istanbul to Dammam. Woah!

I enjoy this, the world is too small, and so interrelated!

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