Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A wedding scene, from Nadia's diary

From Nadia's diary.

Owais and Ahmed both had picked strong career paths, and Uncle Jamil's family had became financially very strong over the course of less than a decade, owing to the good careers of both his sons. They were nice, humble people. Owais married a bit earlier as he and Sana did not want to wait after graduation, and it was time for Marium, Ahmed and Binni to get married, and it was expected that the family will rather easily find good matches for them - both were very pretty girls, and their father, Uncle Jamil, had a lot of contacts due to his government service.

And so it happened, it was Marium first, and Phuppu Baji, as the kids called Uncle Jamil's sister, played her part in finding a good handsome guy from a well established family which was rather famous in Karachi as their forefathers were good scholars of the Sub Continent, and upon migration they gathered a stronger following, though the kids were not into the religion business much.

All proceedings happened smoothly, and the preparations were also nearly ready, with only the wedding event left to be planned properly. There was one problem which was slightly bothering Uncle Jamil's family, that most of their relatives are not of their own financial status. They were planning for a beautiful wedding at the Naval Housing Society's Lawn near Beach Luxury at the sea, which is a wonderful sight, but there were a few things they could not settle with. First to start with, it is hard to access and commute to - one cannot arrive at the venue without a car, most of their relatives did not have a car. Then, Binni's insistence was for everyone to be 'color-coordinated' in their clothing at both the Baraat and Valima events, forget about the rest, even Phuppu Baji and Akbar Bhai, both siblings of Uncle Jamil, they were financially not strong enough to afford such preparations for all of their children, both had big families, and Akbar Bhai already had a series of medical situations that had thinned the already fading savings - his only source of income in the form of Savings Scheme Certificates.

Owais planned to assist both the families for their clothing, as a gift. But it still would not be a very color-coordinated event with so many close relatives. Also, the problem of commuting for the extended family was something everyone was constantly thinking of.

To everyone's ease, the venue planner informed that the space left for guests would be too limited after setting up the chandeliers Marium especially instructed for, it was a huge and breathtaking wedding stage that they had designed. So, now that they could not do anything about it and the time was short, they thought not to bother the family members by inviting them from so far away, and shortened the list of guests, so much so that it looked like a very small get-together instead of a traditional grand South Asian wedding. Binni's dream came true; everyone from the girl's side was color-coordinated, and the event was a calm, peaceful one.

The trend followed in the weddings of Ahmed and Binni, which happened in quick successions within a span of eighteen months.

Sadia Khala did not break her tradition, though she was not invited because she lived in Surjani town; sparing her the travel trouble, but she always managed to take a rickshaw after each of these three weddings to Uncle Jamil's house in Clifton, to give Salaami to the newly wed couple, which always came out to be 101 Rupees. No body from the in laws of the three newly married children of Uncle Jamil knew who she was. I do not remember much, but I do recall that in Binni's childhood, twice she brought her new school uniforms as her uniforms were old and small, and she used to appreciate Owais and Akbar in their studies with gifts whenever they achieved some distinction. Uncle Jamil's financial condition was not good back in those days.

26th February 2013

p.s. Hamza reads my diary sometimes, I find it to be a very romantic gesture of a husband. Reading this note, he left a comment on a piece of paper:
"I tried comparing through my imaginations the beauty of Binni's color coordination and Marium's chandeliers with the beauty of Sadia Khala's unconditional love for the family, you should try that too." 

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