Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Salam alaik vs. Salaim alaikum

I knew the difference between alaik and alaikum, the latter being the plural term to address some people instead of one person. But just asked my colleague and good friend about it, and his explanation was actually very interesting and refreshing!

He instantly replied, that Salam Alaikum means to pray for peace to be upon the other person, the Mala'ika (Angels), and everyone else with the other person, whereas Salam Alaik means only that specific person.

This is not something new, to be honest. We all know that the angels who write our good and bad deeds are always with us, and that angels also protect us from bad happenings, and our actions either attract or repulse them from us, so, yes, if someone says Salamun Alaikum to me, he is actually addressing the other entities attached to me - a reminder that I am never alone - Wow - how could I miss or forget this fact?

Sometimes, even the basic of things have meanings that are profound enough to shape the direction of one's life.

As-Salam Alaikum dear readers!

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