Sunday, December 9, 2012


How real are we?
How unreal are we?
If we are real, what is our reality?
There have been other humanities before this, how do we relate to them?
Do we relate to anything else but our own desires and temporary wishes and petty likings?
What are we running after?
There are other non-human spiritual beings that surround us. What is our relation with these other beings that are with us?
Will we find God after all?
Will we ever get to our destination? Or is there none?
Is knowledge everything?
When will we truly know the meaning of love? Would we understand it after getting the knowledge or can we fall in love without it?
This could not be the lament of the reed that Rumi wrote about, "hearken to the reed flute...", this is a simple confusion.
Without knowledge, it is nothing by frustration.
Does knowledge come with pain?

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