Saturday, July 28, 2012


I like simple people, with simplistic routines.

Those who take great pleasure everyday dunking at teatime, or the evening, with having no focus on anything, but only some light focus on not to let the biscuit soak to break in the cup.
Those who routinely walk to the bus stand, thinking nothing, just breathing in the morning wind, and nothing.
Those who walk silently in the park with no or least thoughts in their minds.
The aunties or grannies who keep knitting for weeks to get a small sweater done.
Those who have a habit of walking while holding the other one's hand.
Those who don't cry a lot, or laugh a lot, but yet truly enjoy their every day routine.
The guards who give a regular and honest smile, whenever you enter.
Those who clean the same part of the street everyday, with the same interest.

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