Friday, July 20, 2012

Another of Rumi's Ramadhan poems...

Last year, we had a conversation that brought us to a few interesting poems by Rumi on the topic of Ramadhan.
One of them, for which translation was not available anywhere, was translated by one of the persons in the conversations, and it is time for it to be blogged:

اين دهــان بستي دهــاني باز شـــد 
تا خـورنده‌ي لــقمـه هاي راز شـــد 

You closed this mouth, another mouth opened
To allow you to feed on the morsels of the secrets

لــب فـروبــند از طـعـام و از شـــــــراب 
ســـوي خوان آسـمــاني كن شـــتاب 

Seal your lips to food and to drink
Hasten towards the heavenly table

گـر تــو اين انبان ز نـان خــالي كـــني 
پـر زگـــوهــــر هـــاي اجــــلالي كـــني 

If you empty this sack of bread
You may fill it with glorious jewels

طــفل جـان از شـير شــيطان بــاز كن 
بــــعـــد از آنـــش بـا مـــلك انـــباز كــن 

Refrain the infant from Satan's milk
Then join the company of the King

چند خوردي چرب و شيرين از طـعــام 
امـــتحـــان كــن چـــند روزي با صــيام 

How often you enjoyed the rich and sweet meals
Now test a few days of fasting

چــند شــب ها خواب را گشتي اسير 
يــك شـــبي بــيدار شــو دولـــت بـگير 

How many nights you have been the prisoner of sleep
Stay awake one night and acquire the riches

- مثنوي معنوي - رومي

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