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Value and Vitality in a Literary Tradition: Female Poets and the Urdu Marsiya

Value and Vitality in a Literary Tradition:Female Poets and the Urdu Marsiyaby Amy BardColumbia University

I came across this paper by apparently a non-Muslim student, but this is not the point of sharing. The reason it struck me was the similarity of the situation the author has pointed about the poets. The paragraph in the 3rd quarter of the paper says:

Even these short sketches reveal a basic pattern of qualities that Majlis-goers and other observers attribute to female Marsiya poets, to their poems, and finally, to female audiences. Traits of piety, endurance of hardship, and humility figure prominently in descriptions of female Marsiya poets. These qualities, also exemplified, of course, by the very heroes and heroines of the Marsiya, are not entirely absent in oral and written anecdotes about famous male Marsiya-writers, but they are hardly stressed as much.

The translations of Marsiya in the poems and the way they are placed are heart wrenching.

Aankhon ke sahilon pe hai ashkon ka ek hujoom | آنکھوں کے ساحلوں پی ہے اشکوں کا اک ہجوم
Shayad Gham-e-Hussain a.s. ka mausam qareeb hai. | شاید غم حسین کا موسم قریب ہے

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