Thursday, November 17, 2011


My nephew, Maisum, 7th grade, 13 years, Ladybird Grammar School, was punished violently by his teacher over some misconception he had about him.

I am outraged, massively outraged. I know my nephews, I discuss about them at length with my sisters, and I know their personalities. Maisum is not the type of kid who would do something outrageous, he is fresh at times, but NOT outrageous or out of his mind! In fact, as compared to the recent lot, he is quite mannered! He is sober, yet fun loving and very active.

Not only the violent reaction by the teacher has blew my mind, but it is the whole case that has made my blood boil, every single detail is outrageous!
The teacher accused my nephew of posting something inadequate about him on facebook, and started beating him. He slapped him, so much so that he has got scars on his face, and used steel scale to beat him up on his body which have left marks. After this, he dug the matter and realized it wasn't Maisum's mistake and after all these beatings he said that "You should have told me before!" whereas he wasn't listening to him the whole time.
Moreover, he stopped him from taking the school van to home and dropped him to home in his own car.

Every part of this incident is outrageous, I intend to write the details.
First thing first - a social networking site's matter are NOT supposed to be handled in a school! Who on EARTH is a teacher to investigate what happens on the facebook account of a student?! Secondly - my nephew DID NOT post anything inadequate. As I said, I am aware of the nature of my nephews - I have spent more time with them as compared to usually uncles and aunts spend, and I know Maisum can never post anything inadequate. Moreover, he is "friends" with me on facebook and I do keep an eye on his list of friends and his activities which are transparent to me! Now, without any investigation, the teacher accused him of something he never did, and without confirmation he started the 'violence'. Another point to mention is the fact that anyone can have multiple and fake accounts of a human, anyone can impersonate someone else's profile and can possibly ruin his/her image - which means that the concerned person must verify the identity before taking any action (I don't like using the word "action" as it was "violence", NOT corrective action).
When after he was done beating him, he did his confirmations and realized it wasn't my nephew - so he kind-of apologized (does it really matter? Apology after beating someone unjustly??).
Things don't stop here. Later, he stopped my nephew from taking his school van to home and made him sit in his car and dropped him home by his self. WHY ON EARTH!!! WHY ON EARTH DID HE MAKE HIM SIT IN HIS CAR AND NOT THE SCHOOL VAN WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COMMUTING OF THE KIDS!! This gave me creeps and has infuriated me to an in-explainable degree.
If I was in the country, I would have went up to him, and did exactly what he did to my nephew: Beat him up and then ask what was the reason - but would have never apologized as it WAS HIS mistake.

When my sister called the Principal/VP or whoever runs the branch, she was naturally furious over phone. Later my brother in law called the lady and she asked not to bring your wife (my sister) to school tomorrow to discuss the matter because she is not "understanding" and "getting furious". I swear, if I was in the country, I would have gone straight to the school right then and kicked these horrible humans out of the school. You beat someone's child violently and then make him sit in you car and then ask to calm down????

Previously, this same nephew was accused of 'harassing' some girl in the class and was told that he will be suspended. I know this kid, he doesn't take interest in girls at all, doesn't give any heed to them, let alone, harass someone. Later on it was found that he wasn't guilty at all and that the girl had something running around with another boy who was permanently suspended from the school.

This is horrible. I feel extremely sad for my nephew and extremely outraged. I cannot even imagine the horrendous psychological effect on my nephew after these episodes. This of my nephew is the best among all of my nephew when it comes to studies and working hard - he likes proving himself at every ground, he does all his chores himself, he is quite a gem! And I am outraged because of what has happened today.

We thought only Madrassah with Maulvis are the no-go areas for our kids, but this is horrible - I would never send my kid to a school if I know such things would happen to him!

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