Thursday, November 24, 2011

On People, bloggers, tweeple, et al

People write. Some rant, some analyse contemporary issues, some just write for the sake of "logging" their day, some seriously write, some write poetry, and mostly people rant. It is like giving an egg. They push their minds to write, just as a chicken would do to lay an egg.

The world is seeing more write-ups than ever. Right now, I have just closed around 10 pages that I was skimming. Blogs. And honestly, it confuses me. There are quite a lot of amazing writers around. Much younger than me, much stronger in imaginations, and such diverse imaginations that leave me thinking in the wild without any clue of where I am from and where I am heading to. Yes, I got it right while typing, going through this plethora of mass-writings, I lose the track of what all this is about (of course after being overwhelmed).

In another news, in fact in all other "news" website, I tend to find lies, but that's not I focus about right now. The people who write, seems to me sometimes that are doing it for fame. It just doesn't "seem", it is a fact. They are doing it for fame and money *Elite showoff*. But I guess they fail then, even in the avenue they want to succeed in.

There is one more area of write-ups. The focused articles. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of any topic. They are good. They do not let me get lost in the wild, in fact the quite take me back home.

Real and fake, are two very helpful adjectives to judge. I think the more real the write-up is, and of course focused, the less bewilderment it creates. According to ME right now, "real" means something that has a meaning, that are not mere rants or words of no value. "Fake" means, again, according to ME right now, is something which has no value, which is just a rant, a random musing.

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