Sunday, September 11, 2011

Namak, Hari mirch, Laal mirch, Chutni and what not...

Karachi is facing a lot of rain from a couple of days. Love it. But not being there makes me miss it. And with friends like the one below, you can never run out of Namak, Hari mirch, Laal mirch, Chutni and what not for your "zakhm" (wound).

12:19 PM Faisal: zain
  baarish dekhni hai :P
 me: nahi
 Faisal: lush wali?
 me: :P
 Faisal: :D
 me: chal be chal
 Faisal: :D
  soch hai beta tumhari
  soch lo
 me: take photos
 Faisal: u r gonna miss something :P
12:20 PM sorry
 me: and send them!
  i am at office babes
 Faisal: it is only available live
  get los then
 me: ok lemme try skype
  if it works
 Faisal: loser!
 me: skype fails
  and going for lunch
12:21 PM Faisal: bye
  i m going
  to take a bath in rain :D
  lovely man
  maza he alag hai
 me: abhi zinda huun tou jee lenay do!
  ji lenay do!!
 Faisal: alaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  aur phir
 me: bhari barsaat mayn pi lenay do!!!
 Faisal: nahanay key baad
  sookhay mein bacha bacha
  oh ho ho
 me: chai pakoray chutni ke saath
 Faisal: pakoray ban rahya hain :D
12:22 PM aur chaye bhi
 me: !@$%%@#^
 Faisal: :D
  aaj khana late hoga
 Faisal: good good
  chal tu jaa
  mein zara roof per jaon
  *sight seeing* :D
  oh ho ho
 me: okay
 Faisal: aur chaye pakoray key baad sutta
 me: fine Get Lost
 Faisal: na na

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