Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Overheard at TEDGlobal

I am sitting at this beach office, trying to get a server up so that the team can work on the database instance installed on it. Just had a biscuit in the breakfast. Wearing sweater, although it is 40+ celcius outside and extremely humid, but the chillers inside the building are killing.

That's my outside, pretty average, not really active, not extremely boring, just a routine day. Here goes the inside:

Awab Alvi is at TEDGlobal, Edinburgh, and TED asked to tweet about Optimism and Pessimism on the #askTED hashtag on Twitter, so I just tweeted what came to my mind. Luckily, my quote was read at TEDU at TEDGlobal, Edinburgh, and my name was taken with my country! Wow! That's pretty cool - I am proud of making the name of Pakistan to be heard by the audience at TEDGlobal! *Proud moment!*

Here's the full story:

Here's the screenshot:

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