Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Kindle is My Library, a space ship!

I am slowly and smoothly falling in a light shade of love with my Amazon Kindle (currently because of reading Rumi which I have been trying to read since 2004) and the following is what precisely describes how I feel about it for the past couple of days:

(a congratulatory letter, addressed to the children of Troy, Michigan, for the newly-opened public library, in which the benefits of visiting a library were explained in some form)

16 March 1971

Dear Boys and Girls,

Congratulations on the new library, because it isn't just a library. It is a space ship that will take you to the farthest reaches of the Universe, a time machine that will take you to the far past and the far future, a teacher that knows more than any human being, a friend that will amuse you and console you---and most of all, a gateway, to a better and happier and more useful life.

(Signed, 'Isaac Asimov')

Isaac Asimov

Update: Kindle broken on 4th July 2011 by unintentional mishandling. RIP my spaceship! I badly miss.

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