Friday, April 22, 2011

Moin Akhtar - "What have I done? Infact I have became great..."

Watching the clip below right now, I just realized that apart from the female persona played by Moin Akhtar, there were some great dialogues in the PTV Drama 'Rozee', as part of the great Tele Theater series. (Scroll below for the video)

Being too young to comprehend the classic dialogues, I missed the other part of Moin Akhtar in this play. Here, he says about what he does. I can relate this message to so many situations, the politicians, the current media men, etc. But I wont do that. I would not spoil the freshness of this post with the malign existences.

Amazing lines....

"What have I done?
Have I done any theft?
Have I killed someone?
On the contrary I think I have became greater..."

"Look, I am an actor
Today, I fell for the first time, that I am doing a "role",
A play...
A play; whose audience is present everywhere in this city.
Can you believe it? I can feel that this world is a stage!!
When I came here and you couldn't recognize me in this attire; I swear, I felt I am performing in some lucrative Broadway's theater..."

RIP Moin Akhtar.

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