Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Achanak Arabian Chicken

Naazreen, (Dear Viewers)

Welcome to the nth episode of "Bhaijan Khana Khilado".

Today, we would give you the recipe of Achanak Arabian Chicken. Following are the ingredients for this marvelous dish:

2. An Arabic speaking boss who doesn't understand you (neither can you understand him)
3. Some real deep sleep
4. Hectic day at the office
5. Some chicken in the fridge
6. Yoghurt
7. Some left-over random masala from your last proper cooking (Bombay Biryani Masala, Karachi Gosht Masala, Nehari Masala, or any Masala)
8. Bad mood (not really bad, you can make do with some irritated mood as well)
9. A laundry basket full with clothes to wash

1. Face your Arabic speaking boss frequently throughout the day, it will irritate you.
2. Now use this of your Hectic day at the office to get into a Bad mood. As soon as you come home, do a crash landing on your bed.
3. Now, wake up abruptly, and say, "Whoa?!" and have a look at the laundry basket to blow your mood even further...
4. As soon as the ears start getting red due to all this, your dish is half ready. You just have to cook a little bit more now.
5. Now go get yoghurt, splash it into the left over chicken, add anything you can find in the spices box, cut some onions, fry it in oil, add tomatoes (or whatever you want to add) and then add the marinated chicken, add salt to taste.
6. Go and sleep for the next fifteen minutes.
7. Wake up, and Voila! "Achanak Arabian Chicken" is ready!

Enjoy! (the left overs...)

(this post has been made due to the sheer requests from my cooking fans... Sadawaji, Motts, Ammi et al.)

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