Friday, April 22, 2011

Moin Akhtar - "What have I done? Infact I have became great..."

Watching the clip below right now, I just realized that apart from the female persona played by Moin Akhtar, there were some great dialogues in the PTV Drama 'Rozee', as part of the great Tele Theater series. (Scroll below for the video)

Being too young to comprehend the classic dialogues, I missed the other part of Moin Akhtar in this play. Here, he says about what he does. I can relate this message to so many situations, the politicians, the current media men, etc. But I wont do that. I would not spoil the freshness of this post with the malign existences.

Amazing lines....

"What have I done?
Have I done any theft?
Have I killed someone?
On the contrary I think I have became greater..."

"Look, I am an actor
Today, I fell for the first time, that I am doing a "role",
A play...
A play; whose audience is present everywhere in this city.
Can you believe it? I can feel that this world is a stage!!
When I came here and you couldn't recognize me in this attire; I swear, I felt I am performing in some lucrative Broadway's theater..."

RIP Moin Akhtar.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sun and Earth - Hafez

Even after all this time
The Sun never says
to the Earth,
"You owe me."

Look what happens
with a love like that,
It lights the
whole sky.

- Hafez

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original photo at flickr:
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Achanak Arabian Chicken

Naazreen, (Dear Viewers)

Welcome to the nth episode of "Bhaijan Khana Khilado".

Today, we would give you the recipe of Achanak Arabian Chicken. Following are the ingredients for this marvelous dish:

2. An Arabic speaking boss who doesn't understand you (neither can you understand him)
3. Some real deep sleep
4. Hectic day at the office
5. Some chicken in the fridge
6. Yoghurt
7. Some left-over random masala from your last proper cooking (Bombay Biryani Masala, Karachi Gosht Masala, Nehari Masala, or any Masala)
8. Bad mood (not really bad, you can make do with some irritated mood as well)
9. A laundry basket full with clothes to wash

1. Face your Arabic speaking boss frequently throughout the day, it will irritate you.
2. Now use this of your Hectic day at the office to get into a Bad mood. As soon as you come home, do a crash landing on your bed.
3. Now, wake up abruptly, and say, "Whoa?!" and have a look at the laundry basket to blow your mood even further...
4. As soon as the ears start getting red due to all this, your dish is half ready. You just have to cook a little bit more now.
5. Now go get yoghurt, splash it into the left over chicken, add anything you can find in the spices box, cut some onions, fry it in oil, add tomatoes (or whatever you want to add) and then add the marinated chicken, add salt to taste.
6. Go and sleep for the next fifteen minutes.
7. Wake up, and Voila! "Achanak Arabian Chicken" is ready!

Enjoy! (the left overs...)

(this post has been made due to the sheer requests from my cooking fans... Sadawaji, Motts, Ammi et al.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

About Anger

The great researcher Ahmad ibn Muhammad, popularly known as Ibn Maskawayh, in his bookTaharat al-Araq writes something which can be summarized as follows: Anger, in fact, is an inner psychic movement due to which a state of agitation is produced in the heart's blood, arousing a desire for vengeance. When this agitation becomes more violent, it intensifies the fire of anger. A violent commotion in the blood seizes the heart, filling the arteries and the brain with a flurry of dark smoke, on account of which the mind and the intellect lose control and become powerless. At that time, as the Hukama (wise ones) maintain, the inner state of the person resembles a cave where fire has broken out, filling it with flames and suffocating clouds of smoke that leap out of its mouth with intense heat and a fiery howl. When that happens, it becomes extremely difficult to pacify such a person and to extinguish the fire of his rage; whatever is thrown in it to cool it down becomes a part of it, adding to its intensity. It is for this reason that such a man becomes blinded to propriety and deaf to guidance. In such a condition, there is no hope for him.

Anger causes a bodily reaction; the sympathetic nervous system and muscles mobilize for physical attack. Muscles tense and the blood pressure and heart rate skyrocket. Digestive processes stop. Certain brain centers are triggered, which then change the brain chemistry. When angry, the bodily functions change for the worse.

A quote just came up to my mind: "Though you may feel justified at your anger; Beware! It may rise up to destroy us."

Book referenced in the following article (an article on the reality of anger):