Friday, December 17, 2010

Ashura 1432H - Th story of a family luckily heard...

I found this baby boy at the Ashura procession, named Hussain Ali, in his father's lap and I asked his father if I could take his photograph for which he happily agreed. And he then told me the story, that this baby boy was a gift from Karbala. The couple did not have any baby for 16 years, then they went to Karbala, and at Janab-e-Asghar's tomb (, they prayed to Allah to give them a son, the mother got two clothes given to her by some unknown person, and a few months later they got this baby boy. MashaAllah! The baby was wearing the clothes that they received at Karbala from someone they don't know of.

Ashura 1432H - Sukayna Bint Hussain a.s.

Sukaina, or commonly known as Sakeena, died inside the prison due to crying. She was the youngest daughter of Imam Hussain a.s... and she was used to sleep on his father's chest...

Ashura 1431H - Alas! Ya Hussain a.s.!

To cry on Hussain a.s. is not just an emotion-driven action we perform, the tears bear the message of not compromising to any oppressor, even that of the current time. Ya Hussain a.s.!

Ashura 1432H - Ana Majnun-al-Hussain!!!!

Ana Majnun-al-Hussain a.s.!!
"I am Hussain's lover"

Kaun si cheez hai chalnay mayn rukawat Mairi
Huun Azadar mayn, Yeh raasta Hussain a.s. ka hai

Labbaik Ya Hussain a.s.!!

Ashura 1432H - Al-Musta'id!

Scouts, the best organizers of the Annual Ashura Procession. Al-Musta'id is the slogan for Scouts, originally in English, the term is "Be Prepared".

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And I specifically feel great respect for these senior scouts, they are old, but they are energetic. The legend of Habib Ibn-e-Mazahir continues!

Ashura 1432H - Hasan Zafar in the leading row

Maulana Hasan Zafar Naqvi in the leading row with the flag (Alam) of Abul Fazlil Abbas Alamdar a.s.

Ashura 1432H - Look whom you scare by bullets, blasts, and power!

Shor-e-Zanjeer Zani ho jis Qaum ka Tarana-e-Zindagi
ArayAhmaqo,Usay Daratay ho goli ki bocharon se!

Ashura 1432H - Ashura Procession Amidst Tight Security

The blasts on the procession last year has had its effects, security looks a little better than before.
Below are few glimpses from the front rows:

Ashura 1432H - The Journey Begins

The journey began with the duty of dropping Ali bhai to University, he was at the Rizvia Society in the morning. The sun rose, it was the sun of Ashura, the same sun which witnessed all the followers, friends and family members of Imam Hussain a.s. for the last time, as they were to be killed by the brutal of Yazid.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LIVE from Ashura Juloos 1432 Hijri, Karachi

Although there have been real problems finding a proper place to sit and post the photographs I have been taking during this Ashura 1432 Hijri Procession, but here's the news: I am posting LIVE this year again from the Ashura Procession in Karachi, held on 10th Moharram 1432 Hijri, 17th December 2010.

Details to follow!

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