Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Likeness of the world


Surely the likeness of this world is that of a snake:

it is soft to touch, and deadly poisonous.

The ignorant child is distracted by it,

and the one with understanding and intellect is cautious of it.

So turn away from what fascinates you in it, for how little of it stays with you.



- Imam Ali a.s.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will makes men giants

Resolve is what makes a man manifest;

not puny resolve, but crude determination;

not errant purpose - but that strong and indefatigable will

which treads down difficulties and danger,

as a boy treads down the heaving frost-lands of winter;

which kindles his eye and brain

with a proud pulse-beat toward the unattainable.


Will makes men giants.


- Donald G. Mitchell

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is your advantage?

What is your advantage?


A few years ago, I was introduced to someone in a family event. We discussed a lot of things of common interest. He narrated the following interesting event that touched his heart:


I learnt a great lesson from my ten year old daughter, Sarah. She was born with a muscle missing in her foot and wears a brace all the time. She came home one beautiful spring day and told me that she had participated in a sports day in her school – with lots of races and other competitive events. My mind raced as I tried to think of encouragement for my daughter. Things I could say to her so that she does not feel bad about not being able to compete properly. Before I could think of and utter encouraging words, she said "Baba, I won two of the races!" I could not believe my ears! And she continued, "because I had an advantage" I thought to myself, Oh! I knew it. She must have been given a head start - a physical advantage. And again, before I could say anything, she said, "Baba, I didn't get a head start. My advantage was that I had to try a little harder!"


I am sure you would agree that was a great paradigm, was it not? For a ten year old, the advantage was to “try a little harder to get to the finishing line”. Many people compete in the race that this life offers and they want to win it. However, interestingly they never assess their “advantages”. Consequently majority of them leave the race in the middle. They curse others, or the situation, or the events happening around them or if they can not find anything else their fate. Do you think they make a fair assessment?


Wanting to win a race is one thing and trying harder is another. Wanting a victory without hard work and effort is like having a pleasant dream.


Conversely working very hard without knowing what finish line we want to reach is like waking up after a nightmare. Or reaching the top of the ladder to find that the ladder is leaning against the “wrong wall”!


The biographies and autobiographies of great people can help us understand this paradigm in full. They demonstrated the importance of having clear visions, followed by hard work while utilizing the advantages God gave to them.


If they can do it, we can do it too! Let’s discover the advantage we are blessed with and align this advantage with our visions to propel ourselves to achieve our visions.


To your success,


Yameenuddin Ahmed

Senior consultant & Trainer

Timelenders UAE/Pakistan

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I join the forgotten...

"My Master, and have mercy upon me when my trace is cut off from this world,

my mention is effaced among the creatures,

and I join the forgotten, like the forgotten ones!


My Master, and have mercy upon me at the change of my form and state when

my body decays, my limbs are scattered,

and my joints are dismembered!


O my heedlessness toward what was wanted from me!


My Master, have mercy upon me at my mustering and uprising and on that day, appoint my standing place with Thy friends,

my place of emergence with Thy beloveds, and my dwelling

in Thy neighborhood!

O Lord of the worlds! "


- Imam Zainul Abidin a.s.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Speech by Ayatullah Baqir Al-Sadr

 A Speech by Ayatullah Baqir Al-Sadr

Post  Syed KДmiL ДbbДs Jafri on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:54 pm

Ayatullah Baqir-al-Sadr, during the final days of his last Ramadhan, gave a powerful speech to Religious Scholars. This speech is translated in the book "Trends of History in the Qur'an" by the same author. Some excerpts follow (This is not the whole speech, just some parts): "One can either love Allah or love the world. But both the loves cannot be contained in one heart. Let us submit our hearts to test. Let us examine our hearts to see whether the love of Allah or the love of this world prevails over them. If the love of Allah prevails over our hearts, let us make it deeper. If, Allah forbid, the love of this world prevails, let us try to save ourselves from this dreadful malady." "Every love which occupies the centre of the heart of a person is of either of the two kinds. We call the perfect love the double grade love and the love which is not so perfect, the single grade love. To begin with, (single grade) love becomes the basis of man's sentiments, feelings, emotions and desires. After attending to his job or immediate need, man soon returns to his object of love, because love occupies the centre of his thoughts, feelings and sentiments." "In the case of double grade love, man's entire attention is drawn by the object of his love and nothing can divert his attention from it. He is never inattentive to the thought of his beloved." "Both these kinds of love are found in the case of the noble love of Allah. Single grade love appears in the hearts of the pious believers whose hearts are free from the impurities of the base affairs of this world. As soon as they are free from their immediate engagements, they return to the question which is the object of their love." "As for double grade love, it is found in the hearts of the Prophets and Imams. You all know Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, in the vicinity of whose tomb we live (Najaf). This great man has said "I never saw a thing but I saw Allah before it, after it and along with it". (Qablahu, wa ba'dahu wa ma'ahu)." "In fact, this was because love of Allah occupied his great heart and conscience in such a way that it concealed everything else from him. Even when he saw human beings, he saw Allah. When he looked at Allah's bounties, he remembered Him. This bond with Allah was always present before his eyes, for it was Allah alone whom he truly loved and to whom his hopes and aspirations were directed. He never allowed anyone to divert his attention from Allah". "Love of the world also reaches the stage where man does not see anything but the world before it, after it and along with it. Whatever he does, he does it for some wordly gain. He cannot devote himself to pious deeds for more than a few days. This is double grade love of the world. Imam Sadiq has said, "This world is like sea water. The more one drinks of it, the more one gets thirsty." "It was love of Allah that was the basis of Imam Ali's courage and bravery. His courage was not that of a ferocious beast. It was the courage produced by the faith and love of Allah. He was over 60 when he fought against the Khwarij and in a single engagement killed 4000 of them. He was also at the height of bravery in regard to being patient and not pressing his rightful claim. He kept quiet when he was required by Allah to overlook his right. At that time, he was in the prime of his life. His conscience was aflame with the fire of youth. But Islam had told him to keep quiet and be patient, despite the violation of his rights." "After all what is this world of ours? It is a collection of imaginery and fictional things. Harun-al-Rashid's world was very imposing. We curse him day and night. We say that we are better, more pious and more God-fearing than Harun was. Has the world of Harun-al-Rashid been offered to us and have we rejected it? If not, how can we claim to be more pious than him. The world offered to us is not that of Harun. It is much less limited and comparably insignificant. It is transient and shorter and not as vast and extensive as that of Harun. For the sake of this world, he imprisoned Imam Musa-e-Kazim. Are we sure that if we get that world, we would not throw the Imam into prison? Have we tested ourselves and put this question to ourselves? Has the world of Harun ever been offered to us so that we know we are more pious?" "In our world, there can be no truth except that of Allah's good pleasure. Had the Imam worked for worldly gains, he would have been the most miserable person. Yet when he worked for Allah, he said on his deathbed "By the God of the Ka'aba, I am a successful person". This world is not for the students of theology. A student looking for this world can get neither this world nor the next. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us, as students, to confine our efforts to seeking the next world for this world has no value to us". "We should think any moment as possible for our death. At the time of his death, my father was not as old as I was (1). My brother died at a younger age than I did. I have now completed the span of my lifetime (2)." "We ask Allah to purify our hearts, and to brighten them with faith. May He turn our mind more towards seeking His pleasure and fill or hearts with His love, His fear and belief in Him. May he help us according to the teachings of his book, Ameen." Ayatullah Baqir Sadr.

Sayyid Sadr was 47 to 48 years old when he said this.

Sayyid Sadr was executed, along with his sister Bint-al-Huda, a few months later.





Anger and destruction

Though we may feel justified for being angry: BEWARE! It can rise up to destroy us!


- Anonymous


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food for thoughts

God has created sustenance, for everyliving creature... Man is food for the worms. - Imam Ali (a.s.)

Reminds me of the great poem by Imam al Naqi (a.s.), the last line being: "Those beautiful worms, are now food for the worms."

A Prayer

"O Allah, do not try me by letting me resort to other than You when being compelled, not submit to other than You when being poor and not invoke other than You when being frightened lest I will deserve, by that, Your humiliation and Your turning away from me."

– Imam Ali Zain ul Abideen (a.s.)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Knowledge for?

"If one obtains knowledge in order to become conceited or to argue with the foolish people or to obtain wealth or to attract people towards himself, then he has certainly made the Fire his abode."
- Imam Mohammad Al Baqar (a.s.) (Al-Kafi)

Zindagi aur Bandagi (Life and Obedience)

Yeh meri zindagi, bas ik khwaab hai
Yeh meri badagi, haan ik raaz hai

(This life of mine is just a dream
This obedience of mine, is yes, a secret)

- Anonymous