Monday, September 28, 2009

Vaikh Bandya

Vaikh Bandya
Aasmaana te udd'de panchi,
Vaikh te sahi ki karde ne,
Na o karde rizq zakheera,
Na o bhukke marde ne,
Kadi kisay ne pankh pakheru,
Bhukke marde vaikhe ne?
Bandey ee karde rizq zakheera,
Bandey ee bhukke marde nay

Here is a crude English translation:

Behold o people
The birds flying in the sky,
Do take a look and see what they do,
Neither do they pile up food,
Nor do they die of hunger,
Has anyone ever seen the birds
dying due to hunger?
Its the people who pile up food,
Its the people who die of hunger.

Our planet has enough food supply to feed every living being but still we see people dying of hunger. It is so unfortunate that everyone of us just wants to pile up food for ourselves not thinking about others. Our shops and superstores are full of food stuff but still only a short distance from it there will be someone feeling the pain of hunger.

There is more than enough to completely satisfy the hunger of everyone on this planet but unfortunately there is not enough to even barely satisfy our greed.


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