Friday, August 7, 2009

Joke of the day - by Ahad and Qumber

We were coming back home, and due to the bad situation of the university road I drove through inside the university of Karachi. It was late night (12:15 am) so it was all silent (and maybe a bit spooky for the kids). Ahad and Qumber (my nephews - 5 and 8 of age respectively) were on the car as well - going to stay over at our place. It was funny to hear the following conversation then:

Ahad to Qumber: Yaar yahan ghost tou nahi hotay hongay na?
Qumber: Nahi yaar... itni sakht security hai - itnay saray security guards hain, koee ghost whost nahi hotay hongay.
Ahad: Hain ... achchha...
Qumber (realizing his silly answer a bit and trying to make up for it) : Aray nahi, ghost tou ghaeb bhi ho saktay hain, unhayn security guards se kya masla hoga (meaning that they can disappear to hide themselves if there will be a security guard...)

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