Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help required in NWFP

August 23, 2009 1st Ramdhan 1430 A.H Momineens of Tank (N.W.F.P) are facing situation like Karabala, Taliban terrorists have disconnected their water supply. Whenever some one goes to get water he is martyred. The Voice of Karbala is still there to awake us "Hal min Nasir Yansurna" . There is immediate need to install tube well for water. It is the matter of life and death. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 1,600,000 (PKR) In this regard you are requested to contact us on 0345-2185559 or (original contact info changed due to confidentiality - please contact me and I will forward you the info)

Awful Voice from Tank (The Contemporary Karbala)
We present this situation on behalf of the Ulema, Matami Anjumans, and Trustees of Shiite Muslims of District Tank, NWFP, Pakistan In our beloved country some terrorists are following their un-holy ambitions. They are making targets all innocent peoples inside all parts of country without any difference of cast, creed and sect. Target killings, car bomb blasts, suicide attacks are being committed daily basis. These incidents have never been observed in the history of Pakistan. In Tank district the sectarian terrorists have opened a continuous front against Shiite Muslims on with the support of foreign agencies. Due to this, Shiite is facing instability and very danger situation in surviving.

Appeal From Momineen of Tank
We the Shia Muslims from district Tank are facing following problem; your cooperation is required in this regard. Migration is started because of bad situation of Peace. Momineens lives, properties and families are in severe risk. Properties are being occupied forcefully. Momineens are repelled in certain neighbor. Many Shia Muslims have left Tank city. Imambargahs have been attacked. Momineens are harassed on gunpoint and are compelled to be converted on so-called Muslim..that's a great tragedy. Unemployment is increased too much. Shia Muslims are not even getting labor work. Business is finished, due to the situation; brutal financial trouble is being faced there. Shiite's property's value has become very low. If someone becomes able to sell it then he is hijacked by terrorists, thus all the money is looted in ransom. Education is disturbed too much; parents are not able to send their kids in school because of the fear of hijacking Series of hijacking started for ransome, Ccmmunication and all kind of movements are totally seized because of hijacking, target killings suicide and remote control attacks. Situation of criminal cases are not satisfactory. Law and order situation are very poor, momineens don't have any protection. Because of such situation like-war people are not able to get medical aid or any treatment facility We are not able to observe any ceremony or ritual, Majalis, Mourning Procession, Funeral Prayer and marriage ceremonies are totally unsecured. To make theses secure extra expenses and a big security team is used. We are getting threatening letters and are compelled to migrate, our properties are being planned to occupy. Momineen are getting economic as well as mental worries day by day.

You are requested
You are Appealed to follow our request as momineen of Tank can get rid of worries. Kindly Protest through banners, play cards and hand bills, distribute these in nimaz-e-Juma, raise your voice in support of mazloom momineen of Tank and arrange protest in their support. Arrange briefings and seminar on situation of Tank as momineen could be aware of the conditions and problems of their oppressed brothers. Meet with higher authorities in form of delegation on behalf of your platforms, aware them the actual situation and insist them to take action against terrorism. Momineen of Tank passing below poverty line several people, they need help in medical, finance education, sponsorship, and employment. Many injured and disabled are waiting for your help. Water supply in different areas of district Tank is disconnected so there is immediate need for arrangement of drinking water and pond. Whenever some one goes to get water he got martyred. Momineen are requested to visit Tank city and vicinity Shia areas like Grah Baloch, Grah Ranwal and Grah Runwal. For contribution in water supply project please contact to 0345-2185559 or (original contact info changed due to confidentiality - please contact me and I will forward you the info)

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