Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sea side, Majlis, Thought Process, and Rain...

My car stopped working after it rained heavily in the morning (so did the cars of my neighbors; giving me a peace time that I am not alone). I had a good day of rest after visiting the sea side at midnight with Afaq and Fawwad, which was surely very much peaceful - collecting sea shells and walking bare feet on the shore, with no lights around.

By evening, I was much into reading and writing and planning my next week. After Maghribain prayers, I had to attend a Majlis at Imambargah Ali Raza a.s. on the Death Anniversary of Imam Musa Kazim a.s., but rain started again and I had to stay back at home.

It is 10:08 and high time to resume the thought process I was having in the evening. Rain just had a very beautiful impact on this thought process, it is a bounty from Allah, and I seek His forgiveness and bounties on this bountiful occasion of Rain.

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