Friday, May 1, 2009


Sometimes we come across a song, a poem, a prose, a painting, some text, a route, which have had been a very strong part of our lives in the past.


If they are of a secretive past, I would feel a shiver.

If they are of past, but from an undefined era, I would be very mesmerized… and after finding the era it was part of, the reaction would come; happy, relaxed, sad, emotional, strong, weak, or whatever else.


Right now, I am listening to “hey there Delilah”, and I know I had just heard this song barely for a few seconds. But the era this song was part of, was so rich, that even a mere mentioning of it by a cousin stirred a strong feeling within.


The paranoia that nostalgic feelings give me, are, something I can’t describe. It is a bond. Full stop.



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