Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Everything seems normal. Suddenly I am informed of some happening. Something that I cannot do anything about. Within seconds I get the headache.

Need to understand and control this phenomena.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jee chahay tou...


Jee chahay toh sheesha ban ja, jee chahay paimana ban ja

Sheesha paimana kya ban-na, mai ban ja mai-khana ban ja


Mai ban kar mai-khana ban kar, masti ka afsana ban ja

Masti ka afsana ban kar, hasti sai baigaana ban ja


Hasti sai baigana hona, masti ka afsana ban-na

Iss honai sai iss ban-nai sai acha hai deewana ban ja


Deewana ban jaanay sai bhi deewana hona acha hai

Deewana honai sai acha, khaakay dar-e-jaanana ban ja


Khaakay-dar-e-janaana kya hai, ehl-e-dil ki aankh ka surma

Shama k dil ki thandak ban ja, noor-e-dil-e-parvana ban ja


Seekh zaheen k dil sai jalna, kaahay ko har shama par jalna

Apni aag mai khud jal jaaye, tu aisa parvana ban ja


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I gave her to Hadia, and the next day I went to her college to take the baby girl back. Her friends were cheering the baby. She was sweet. I took her back, hugged her, and it was wholesome!


She wasn’t mine, but I had her with me. She was a sweetheart.


It’s about a baby girl that I saw in my dream today.


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Friday, May 1, 2009


Sometimes we come across a song, a poem, a prose, a painting, some text, a route, which have had been a very strong part of our lives in the past.


If they are of a secretive past, I would feel a shiver.

If they are of past, but from an undefined era, I would be very mesmerized… and after finding the era it was part of, the reaction would come; happy, relaxed, sad, emotional, strong, weak, or whatever else.


Right now, I am listening to “hey there Delilah”, and I know I had just heard this song barely for a few seconds. But the era this song was part of, was so rich, that even a mere mentioning of it by a cousin stirred a strong feeling within.


The paranoia that nostalgic feelings give me, are, something I can’t describe. It is a bond. Full stop.



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