Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reflections on possessions

If I consider that someone has explained to me that I will die tomorrow, I will realize to make arrangements for my death, finish any pending tasks, wrap up any businesses that I have, and prepare for leaving everything behind. If this is the way I look at my tomorrow which I am informed about, I feel light. But if I am to end my day without making the necessary arrangements, without giving up possessions, it leaves me heavy.

The notion of not keeping possessions turns to a wonderful vigor – there is a strength in settling down the businesses at the end of day. Once you have forgotten about everything by settling them in the right place, you can have the quality time to remember The Creator – His Creations, and praising Him from the deep down. A little of quality work is better than a lot of less-quality performances.

Feel free of your possessions, hand them over (if they have to be handed over), place them in the right place, and remember that to worry about something that you cannot do anything of at that moment is a waste of time and mental energy – convert this into praying about it.

Give up of your possessions, and you will get more control over how you want them to be.

Keep praying!

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  1. Jazakallah Khair for sharing this!
    Really we should keep in our mind that we have to expire one day , and we should think before every act of ours whether or not Is it according to Islamic teachings!
    Today I listened that a man will be asked about five things on the day of Akhirat :
    1- How and where he spend his life?
    2- How he spend his Middle age(Young age)?
    3- How did he earn money ?
    4- Where did he spend his money ?
    5- I missed 5th point!

    So we must consider these points.