Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Massacre of Calderon dolphins - Faroe Islands Denmark

I just received an email about the mass killing of Calderon dolphins (or maybe Pilot whales), at Faroe Islands, Denmark, in pursuit of following a horrendous tradition of marking adulthood.

It is one of the most horrible customs I have ever heard of. You can see the pictures of this brutality over the internet.

Hopefully this traditions ends soon.

Otherwise may God curse them who do this act for the sake of their 'fun'.


  1. This cannot be true?? Surely we are far more civilised than this. How can this be allowed. Who in their right minds could hurt these creatures in such a barbaric way!!!! I hopoe this comes to an end!!!!!!

  2. In order for any global petition to be taken seriously by the Faroe Islands, it has to be both FACTUALLY and LINGUISTICALLY CORRECT.
    There are several petitions circulating about this massacre that are neither.
    However, on my blog [ ] I've researched and highlighted the mistakes.
    If you are going to continue circulating this story, PLEASE correct it. Otherwise you will have NO hope of persuading anyone to stop the slaughter.
    Petitions only stand a chance of success if they are correct and make sense. good luck!

    PhilBee, NZ