Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Massacre of Calderon dolphins - Faroe Islands Denmark

I just received an email about the mass killing of Calderon dolphins (or maybe Pilot whales), at Faroe Islands, Denmark, in pursuit of following a horrendous tradition of marking adulthood.

It is one of the most horrible customs I have ever heard of. You can see the pictures of this brutality over the internet.

Hopefully this traditions ends soon.

Otherwise may God curse them who do this act for the sake of their 'fun'.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reflections on possessions

If I consider that someone has explained to me that I will die tomorrow, I will realize to make arrangements for my death, finish any pending tasks, wrap up any businesses that I have, and prepare for leaving everything behind. If this is the way I look at my tomorrow which I am informed about, I feel light. But if I am to end my day without making the necessary arrangements, without giving up possessions, it leaves me heavy.

The notion of not keeping possessions turns to a wonderful vigor – there is a strength in settling down the businesses at the end of day. Once you have forgotten about everything by settling them in the right place, you can have the quality time to remember The Creator – His Creations, and praising Him from the deep down. A little of quality work is better than a lot of less-quality performances.

Feel free of your possessions, hand them over (if they have to be handed over), place them in the right place, and remember that to worry about something that you cannot do anything of at that moment is a waste of time and mental energy – convert this into praying about it.

Give up of your possessions, and you will get more control over how you want them to be.

Keep praying!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer Log

I do not remember from which location I downloaded this file, but it is an interesting sheet to organize prayers and to see the progress made on being punctual for prayers.

You can download the Prayer Log from the following URL:

Seeking my remembrance in your prayers.

A different flight - Boeing 737-300

During January to March, I flew from between Karachi and Lahore at least 6 times, sometimes on early morning flights to get seats on my non-confirm ticket. In the early morning flights I experienced the Boeing 737-300 airplane, which was a different experience as the plane is pretty small in size - the smallest I ever flew on.

It was cosy, thought my legs were just hardly fixing in the space between seats, but the experience of sitting in a plane as small as having just one narrow aisle was pretty different, and for a random one short flight it was good.

I liked the experience - not to forget to mention the delicious food from PIA, as always.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When was it the last that you hugged someone?

Meeting and greeting friends and family by hugging them is one of the sweetest gestures mankind bears. Jubilant hugging can be witnessed on occasions like Eid.

Watching Nic Vujicic's videos, people hug him with an excited emotion.

Can you recall when was it your last time that you hugged someone like this?