Friday, February 27, 2009

The brilliance of Time

There can be found a brilliance of time at an instant, or at any instant. Time passes without traversing back ever. It is a personality which strictly adheres to a saying which goes:
"...In matter of style, stay with the current - In matters of principles, stand like a Rock!"

I think to exemplify Time from Rock is not a quality thing I am doing. Rocks are of various natures, types, and are found in many different states. Whereas Time itself has no form, it is not "found" instead it is always there - no matter how hard you could try to move it an inch from it's position - it wont.

This adherence to principles in a simplest and the strongest form actually is Time's brilliance. Withstanding without any fear - Time keeps relaying moments, every instant it delivers us an opportunity: a spark for the inner fuel we have in us - till we die, we all have this fuel, the fuel of Thought and Action.

The relativity between thoughts and actions can be proven by a saying; 'Inaction saps the vigors of mind'. Thoughts and Actions ssare very tightly coupled.

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