Friday, December 26, 2008


Red, Orange, Brown
Fire, Flower, Fair
But all in peace,
and all dancing.

The color of Mehendi attract me
They tell me stories
through the palm-lines they lie upon
these lines point to the identity
every human has a unique identity
and so has a different heart
so they tell me about their heart
about her heart
because that is the real identity of everyone: their hearts

The heart tells many stories itself
sometimes, it is worn out and gets rusted
but when it is shiny - it speaks the truth
when do you know it is shiny?
when the beholder is free

freedom is never from the outside
outside is just the mask for others to be shown
it is the Inside that is the real You
it is the Inside that is the real Me

When I see her free
Her heart tells me stories
through the lines
which are hidden under the Mehendi
and the Mehendi is dark in color
and pure in smell

and it speaks of Love
it speaks of sweet madness
but not all that see can comprehend
it needs heart to hear the Mehendi
speak of another heart

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