Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Track of the Wind: the book

Today, I am very much happy at having the book back with me. I have some very strong memories and emotions attached to this book. I gave it a couple of years back or more to Lubna Inaam Khan, a friend, to read. I just read the novel once, but read a few of its parts quite a few times. One of the best paragraph that I find from the book is:

Wishes are like wild flowers. They sprout up - they don't care where; in ditches and wastelands; in neglected gardens; in forests and wildernesses; in the cracks of walls and abandoned buildings. I am like a wish.

I just love the above paragraph. So much so that I remembered it by heart till now, but just due to precision I opened the book once again and typed it.

To search for this paragraph, I went through many of the pages and as I read the few lines of many pages, it reminded me many striking memories and emotions. Marvinder - Marvi, the character in the novel, whenever I read this name I get the word Red in my mind.

It is lovely to have the novel with me, very soothing, and the book seems to me a beautiful palace of a wonderful, generous and a motherly Queen.

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  1. I emailed this blog post to Lubna, just to tell her why I really wanted to have the book back, following is her (interesting) reply:

    Believe it or not,, before returning you this book, when you gave me the
    final call, i opened the book and read this paragraph one last time from
    the book. I have very strong meanings to this for myself as well :) Thanx
    for sharing