Friday, October 24, 2008

Dadda at STM

Dadda (my grandmother) wrote during the Strategic Time Management (STM) workshop that I conducted at her place the following text, when I asked everyone to do an exercise over incorporating and utilizing buffer times for our plans:

"People who waste time can't do anything, I feel hurt at this. Can't help but I feel like doing many things even at this age which I used to do but I don't really remember certain things. Now that I am old I have got my thinking power to be less strong, even this day I feel like doing many things but well what I do is I tell all these things to the house of God."

These were very thought provoking sentences.

Dadda, (my grandmother), is not my actual grandmother. She is my father's aunt, but I like feeling her as my real grandmother, doesn't make any difference. We all always called her Dadda, and so I never remembered her name. Today, I got her form filled for the STM workshop, and saw her name Saeed Begum written onto it.

A tiring yet refreshing day it was.

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