Friday, October 24, 2008

Dadda at STM

Dadda (my grandmother) wrote during the Strategic Time Management (STM) workshop that I conducted at her place the following text, when I asked everyone to do an exercise over incorporating and utilizing buffer times for our plans:

"People who waste time can't do anything, I feel hurt at this. Can't help but I feel like doing many things even at this age which I used to do but I don't really remember certain things. Now that I am old I have got my thinking power to be less strong, even this day I feel like doing many things but well what I do is I tell all these things to the house of God."

These were very thought provoking sentences.

Dadda, (my grandmother), is not my actual grandmother. She is my father's aunt, but I like feeling her as my real grandmother, doesn't make any difference. We all always called her Dadda, and so I never remembered her name. Today, I got her form filled for the STM workshop, and saw her name Saeed Begum written onto it.

A tiring yet refreshing day it was.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir (Awaited in realism)

When you will be around
how wonderful it will be!
Peace everywhere, justice everywhere!

When I listen to the ginan sung by Aabida Parveen. I used to listen to it, because Aabida Parveen sang it in a very rich fashion, but then I stopped listening to it because I felt bad that I am enjoying something which is sung for a false Imam (Aga Khan, Imam of Ismaili Shi'as). Since then, I have felt enigmatically about the re-appearance of Imam Mehdi (a.s., azzawajal). When he will be here, what an environment it will be!! Extremely interesting, and emotional for me to think about it. I realize that this will happen after very tough situations, more tougher than my imaginations, but the thought of this milestone, just takes away all the worries!

Kabhi Aey Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir
Nazar Aa Libaas-e-Mijaaz Mayn
Kay Hazaar Sajday Tarap Rahay Hain
Meri Jabeen-e-Niaz Mayn...
Color's in the inside!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every other call, every other instant

It is you, I think of
Every other call, every other instant
Surprises give me a huge happiness,
Till just when I get to know that,
It is nothing related to you.
I just got a quote sent by an unknown number. I am since then trying to call on this number, it is an unknown number number, and it just lets me feel that it might be the number of the person I think 99.9% of my time, at the cost of losing my short term memory to a very high magnitude... So much so that every now and then I am told by someone that you are "lost", and that you are forgetting things easily these days...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Track of the Wind: the book

Today, I am very much happy at having the book back with me. I have some very strong memories and emotions attached to this book. I gave it a couple of years back or more to Lubna Inaam Khan, a friend, to read. I just read the novel once, but read a few of its parts quite a few times. One of the best paragraph that I find from the book is:

Wishes are like wild flowers. They sprout up - they don't care where; in ditches and wastelands; in neglected gardens; in forests and wildernesses; in the cracks of walls and abandoned buildings. I am like a wish.

I just love the above paragraph. So much so that I remembered it by heart till now, but just due to precision I opened the book once again and typed it.

To search for this paragraph, I went through many of the pages and as I read the few lines of many pages, it reminded me many striking memories and emotions. Marvinder - Marvi, the character in the novel, whenever I read this name I get the word Red in my mind.

It is lovely to have the novel with me, very soothing, and the book seems to me a beautiful palace of a wonderful, generous and a motherly Queen.

Monday, October 13, 2008

World Happenings: As I know it

UAE's stock markets crashed, banks empty of money. US banks empty of money, financial institutions in trouble. Trade: less buyers, less exports. Power seems shifting from West to East (I like Gohar's comment: Atlantic is losing it's charm). China: stopped it's exports. MEA (Mis. East Asia) is out of food. My country Pakistan: unknown, but in trouble, since musharraf just imported more and more, but did not "produce" much.

It is not really good, whatever is happening.

Just had a chat with my cousin who is in international tradings and shipping, and it was interesting to realize that shipping and trade is a hell lot exciting, you get to know the attitude of countries in detail...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Ladies

I usually start my emails like "Hi abc, Hello xyz" and for plurals, "Hello Guys, Hi Team, Gentlemen". But there are three ladies (Claire, Jo, and Wendy) that I have to address for something, so the right word is Ladies, and I just liked the phrase "Hello Ladies". Not to mention the fact that I like this phrase because the couple of ladies are a bit older than me, (Jo has a son of my age! and Claire is older than my oldest sister who is 17 years older than me!)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid's first day ends with a good start

It was Eid day today, and as the day ends, I am here to wrap up my day with the plan for tomorrow's.

It was in my task list to make a Surah Rehman Blog. So I finally did that. My plan of action to update this blog will be to post single verses or single set of verses of Surah Rehman, and have some explanations over them.

If anyone reads this post, please pray for my consistency in this task.

The URL is

Thank you, and warm Eid Greetings!

I just want to thank Allah, and the month of Ramazan, and everyone who has stayed in touch with me in this month, not to mention the person who I think of 24x7 (but never get the chance to talk to), for giving me such a wonderful time! Even if they just gave me a wonderful time in my dreams :)

May Allah give us all prosperity, success, peace and harmony from the passing Ramazan.

Big Cheers! :)