Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gearing with life

My archives tell me that I needed time with my own self, to work on my own self. I got this time, although it was a bit painful, but this time has left me with a fresh feeling just as I anticipated. Now, I am gearing up with life, and it is really refreshing.

Planning, executing, thinking, and being active all the times is making me feel happy. The other thing is being studious, I am trying to be studious, or at least study on time. This is one of the best feelings I am having these days...

I wish, hope and pray that everything goes smoothly. Especially my exams.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How to solve Mathematics

Shomaila Monis's profile just got posted as a series of Get To Know Your Team emails sent by trg tech press. In her profile, she mentioned that she scored the maximum marks in Mathematics in her 1st year board's exams. After spending the four years at Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi, I have gone quite really scared from Mathematics. Frankly speaking, I am haunted by the sound of Mathematics to the extent that it gives me a weird headache. (Headache in the temporal lobes).

I am trying to overcome this fear from Mathematics and the exams of Maths, so I just asked her for how to be successful in Maths. Following are the tips she gave me:

  • practice
  • passion
  • should enjoy solving problems
  • do it as a hobby rather than homework
I will inshaAllah follow her tips.

Wish me luck! :)

Simple living and high thinking

This is what my relative grandfather used to tell my uncle Jalaluddin Hussain. I really feel good at having the affectionate responses of my uncle and Mr. S. Abu Ahmed Akif (Ex director General EOBI, current DG in Sindh Govt.) whom I met at the Strategic Time Management workshop in the last couple of days.
One of the quotes that I learned from Abu Ahmed Akif, was,

Those who don't sweat in peace, bleed in war.

I am looking forward to having a good relationship with the literary people. Praying to make this literary journey a strong paced one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Softer than cloud, mightier than storm

This is what I need to shape myself into.

May Allah give me the strength to achieve this... Ameen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A couple of good days, a couple of good dreams

They were on 2nd September's and 3rd September's mornings. In the earlier one, there was someone* sitting near me, and telling me with a confident smile, that 'How could you think that I will ever leave you?'. It was just a shock to me. After all those depressing and disturbing dreams, this one came totally unexpected. I thought this was happening in real, but suddenly realized that it was a dream, and woke up...

The latter one was just today, that is, 3rd September 2008. I was on a phone call with someone*. The voice said in a positive, happy and soothing tone, "Zain listen to me, relax and everything will be fine, stay happy and I am with you...", there were some more words that I could not really understand as I realized this is not in real... it was a bit painful experience to tell myself that this phone call is not in real, so let's not get emotional and let's wake up and move myself away from this phone call as it is time to wake up.