Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a wonderful start!

I woke at 4 am in the morning today too. It was not due to any bad dream or blood pressure, it was due to a very sweet dream. There wasn't much of content in my dream though, but it was wonderful. The child was SO young, she was probably in the first6 months of her life, no long hairs, big eyes with big black iris which are very responsive, and a bright smiling face (I remember I saw a few teeth in the mouth too).

Wow, it was wonderful! Though in my dream the baby was my sister's daughter, but I just felt her as if she was my daughter... It was way too wonderful and pleasant to play with her, I moved my finger near anf far from her eyes, and as I drew my finger near her eyes, she wanted to concentrate on it and both her irises met at the inside corner of her eyes and she smiled at it! Wow! :)


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