Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tum se hi...

I was typing something else, but just got back to the expected mode (not mood).

Eyes in your eyes
Arms in your arms
What is left of me? What just happened?

Your words in the things I say,
Nights, just your souvenir,
Why did everything became your's?
What just happened?

Wherever I go,
I meet you,
just you, and just you,

There is silence in the noise,
a little fainting,
just you, just because of you...

Half a promise sometime,
more than half sometime,
feel like do it this way of loyalty,
Can't leave it if I want to,
can't destroy this even if I want to,
This thread of love that I have tied with you...

I am Your investment
Whatever I am,
is because of You...

Paths get connected,
Destination gets to me,
just because of You...

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