Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Self' Satisfaction

You might be in a battle ship, or in one of the lavish bedrooms of some Royal Castle, wherever you are, the only one that can make you stay satisfied, is your own self. There might be many things that you might really want to have, but this has nothing to do with the self satisfaction, because if you keep trying, keep planning, and keep thinking positively about it, you will stay satisfied, contended, and at times happy too. Being overly hopeful is also not a good thing, so be rational, and be strong in your will and actions. One thing which can be Very Very helpful, is praying all the times, and being managed time wise, it really helps.

Afterall, your brain is not for thinking everything all the times, it is about thinking once (when you are planning), and then just thinking while implementing one thing at a time.

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