Friday, August 8, 2008

No cure, but I am adamant.

I went to Aga Khan University Hospital today, to have a check up for the chronic sinusitis problem that I have. The doctor asked me my conditions, and on listening to them, he said there is 'no cure' for this. Inside, I got a little furious, because this time, I just exposed myself to a little morning air, and it made me get sick! So if even this little exposure can cause me inflammation, how will I control/prevent from it?

The doctor already had the answers:

- No exposure to open air
- No carpets at workplace or home, not at all
- No thick curtains in room, very light ones
- The bed needs to be put into sunlight every week, and cleaned regularly
- No colored drinks
- No juices, only the real ones allowed

This list drives me Crazzzy!! When I asked him about the possible surgery that the last doctor I consulted told me about, he gave me the opinion that I don't need it as such because my nasal passage is not too bad, it is just the hypersensitivity of my nasal mucosa that causes this.
I insisted for the surgery, because this is my target to get rid of this chronic sinusitis. He replied me to come back in 4 weeks time after taking medicines and then he will get my skull CT scanned to make 100% sure if either my surgery can be done or not. I am hopeful.

Meanwhile, before the doctor, an internee doctor took my initial/basic checkup. My blood pressure was not normal, it was high, she asked me a few questions, and then concluded that my blood pressure usually stay abnormal. Either too high or too low. Mostly it is high. Which is not due to any physical ailment...

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