Sunday, August 3, 2008

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan: Excitement in the air, more at home!

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan are conducting a Strategic Time Management Workshop for fellow colleagues at trg tech. I am also enrolled in it's first batch, scheduled for today. It is Monday, 4th August 2008 today, and right now at 11:27 am, they seem a little busy and much excited about conducting the session.

It is wonderful to see the two fathers of a daughter each to be so excited about all this.I remember Ayaz-Ul-Hassan's sentence which he told me a couple of weeks back, " is really refreshing to see and play with my daughter, when I reach home...". And it is wonderful to just think of the the way they would be excited to play/train their daughters.

May Allah grant them and everyone with sweet daughters, and excitement to train their daughters.

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  1. As far the child training and giving your time to them, i want to add something that we should realize the importance of their childhood. People normally remain busy in their work/office/business neglecting their importance and then said that we have to loose something to get something.

    Yes, it is true, "To get something in life we have to loose something" but we should realize that what we are getting and what we are loosing.

    Office/Job/Work can be done again but the childhood of your childrens will never come back.