Saturday, August 23, 2008

Surah Qasas : 33 - 35

Surat Al-Qasas (Arabic: سورة القصص ) (The Stories) is the 28th sura of the Qur'an with 88 ayat.

Translation of Ayahs 33 - 35:

"He said, 'I have killed a person from among them, I therefore, fear that they may kill me'.

And my brother Haroon, he is more eloquent is speech than me, therefore appoint him a Messenger for my help that he may confirm me, I fear that they will belie me.

He said, 'It is near that We shall strengthen your arm with your brother and shall give you both dominance, then they could not harm you on account of Our signs. You both and those: who will follow shall triumph'."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hope is faith holding out it's hand in the dark.
- George Illis

Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Self' Satisfaction

You might be in a battle ship, or in one of the lavish bedrooms of some Royal Castle, wherever you are, the only one that can make you stay satisfied, is your own self. There might be many things that you might really want to have, but this has nothing to do with the self satisfaction, because if you keep trying, keep planning, and keep thinking positively about it, you will stay satisfied, contended, and at times happy too. Being overly hopeful is also not a good thing, so be rational, and be strong in your will and actions. One thing which can be Very Very helpful, is praying all the times, and being managed time wise, it really helps.

Afterall, your brain is not for thinking everything all the times, it is about thinking once (when you are planning), and then just thinking while implementing one thing at a time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Be a pessimist, and die early. Not just yourself, but others around you die early too, at least the mental death.

Get a life, get strong, fight against your brain! Fight against this pessimism ROTTING your brain!


Reko Diq Mystery

Reko Diq Mystery Teeth Maestro

What a wonderful start!

I woke at 4 am in the morning today too. It was not due to any bad dream or blood pressure, it was due to a very sweet dream. There wasn't much of content in my dream though, but it was wonderful. The child was SO young, she was probably in the first6 months of her life, no long hairs, big eyes with big black iris which are very responsive, and a bright smiling face (I remember I saw a few teeth in the mouth too).

Wow, it was wonderful! Though in my dream the baby was my sister's daughter, but I just felt her as if she was my daughter... It was way too wonderful and pleasant to play with her, I moved my finger near anf far from her eyes, and as I drew my finger near her eyes, she wanted to concentrate on it and both her irises met at the inside corner of her eyes and she smiled at it! Wow! :)


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tum se hi...

I was typing something else, but just got back to the expected mode (not mood).

Eyes in your eyes
Arms in your arms
What is left of me? What just happened?

Your words in the things I say,
Nights, just your souvenir,
Why did everything became your's?
What just happened?

Wherever I go,
I meet you,
just you, and just you,

There is silence in the noise,
a little fainting,
just you, just because of you...

Half a promise sometime,
more than half sometime,
feel like do it this way of loyalty,
Can't leave it if I want to,
can't destroy this even if I want to,
This thread of love that I have tied with you...

I am Your investment
Whatever I am,
is because of You...

Paths get connected,
Destination gets to me,
just because of You...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Of flesh and blood...

He cripples like a baby,
but keeps walking in the deep frozen steep path
to get to the summit
which is his target.

He would not let any wind
however cold or cutting
move him away from his path

To him,
summit is precious than blood
so he let go off the latter

His flesh is being eaten by the cold
but he worry's not

for the summit has the best of flesh and blood,
for the summit is his target.

Till when will you keep chasing me? :)

Someday you will end, someday you will stop bugging me, someday my nights will get back to normal ones, not like today's; waking up without any idea Why I woke up after just having a hardly 4 hours sleep...

Someday, you will no more be mine...

This is to my headache, precisely the temporal lobe ones...

No cure, but I am adamant.

I went to Aga Khan University Hospital today, to have a check up for the chronic sinusitis problem that I have. The doctor asked me my conditions, and on listening to them, he said there is 'no cure' for this. Inside, I got a little furious, because this time, I just exposed myself to a little morning air, and it made me get sick! So if even this little exposure can cause me inflammation, how will I control/prevent from it?

The doctor already had the answers:

- No exposure to open air
- No carpets at workplace or home, not at all
- No thick curtains in room, very light ones
- The bed needs to be put into sunlight every week, and cleaned regularly
- No colored drinks
- No juices, only the real ones allowed

This list drives me Crazzzy!! When I asked him about the possible surgery that the last doctor I consulted told me about, he gave me the opinion that I don't need it as such because my nasal passage is not too bad, it is just the hypersensitivity of my nasal mucosa that causes this.
I insisted for the surgery, because this is my target to get rid of this chronic sinusitis. He replied me to come back in 4 weeks time after taking medicines and then he will get my skull CT scanned to make 100% sure if either my surgery can be done or not. I am hopeful.

Meanwhile, before the doctor, an internee doctor took my initial/basic checkup. My blood pressure was not normal, it was high, she asked me a few questions, and then concluded that my blood pressure usually stay abnormal. Either too high or too low. Mostly it is high. Which is not due to any physical ailment...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Economic Rot

This guy 'Randy' from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, speaks quite well about the reality happenings and future predictions. A nice read.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wake Up! I am your dream!

Nearly everyday, it is a dream that wakes me up. Or kind of a dream, if not exactly a detailed dream. I woke up at 5:11 am in the morning today, again from a detailed dream.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan: Excitement in the air, more at home!

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan are conducting a Strategic Time Management Workshop for fellow colleagues at trg tech. I am also enrolled in it's first batch, scheduled for today. It is Monday, 4th August 2008 today, and right now at 11:27 am, they seem a little busy and much excited about conducting the session.

It is wonderful to see the two fathers of a daughter each to be so excited about all this.I remember Ayaz-Ul-Hassan's sentence which he told me a couple of weeks back, " is really refreshing to see and play with my daughter, when I reach home...". And it is wonderful to just think of the the way they would be excited to play/train their daughters.

May Allah grant them and everyone with sweet daughters, and excitement to train their daughters.

Dhoom tana...

For the apparent person of my kind, this song (Dhoom tana of indian movie: om shanti om ) is a kind of song that I will not like to listen. But that is just the front/apparent side. In the internal/intimate part of my personality, I would like it, why? Why would I tell it? It is just to be told to the intimate one.

I am not bad at communication and/or expressing, I express on time... right?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Can't find him...

I met my friend last evening, he was extremely devastated. Nearly fell down twice. He got a message from one of the relatives of his deceased wife, that he can pick some of her stuff from her place where she lived, he got devastated by this idea. He wanted all that he mentioned, but they had already thrown some of the stuff away, much to his surprise. He whispered vaguely in my ears, "They lost my wife, they lost my wife belongings...". He then got a little furious, his mental exertion was visible from his wet red eyes, and shaking body. But then suddenly he fell down. I just rushed to get some help for him, and when I got back, he was no more there. He was gone. I searched all the places, but couldn't find him. I called his cell, but to vain. Maybe he is never going to show up again now, I can feel that he has gone somewhere from where I, or no one can reach out to him.

Surprisingly in the morning, I found an envelope in my bag, for the people who lived at her place. I thought I would open to read what it is inside, but realizing that he is no more here, and I might not be seeing him again, I opt not to open it, and I am just going to deliver it.

He was not a bad person at all, infact they were not a bad couple at all. There smile was awesome too. They got struck by these things: lack of understanding by her, impatience by him, lack of support from her and the rigidity from her of decisions involved in sensitive relationships, as if it was a bank deal, or war, or business agreement...

Good bye mate...