Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking over on phone with the outside world

I just called my brother's Karachi office, as he instructed me to do so, but couldn't get to the person I needed to talk to.

In this small 1 minute 47 seconds conversation, in which nearly 1 minute was taken by the IVR and the operator, I felt a really cold thing: The guy who recieved my call, just replied that "call at around one", no 'please', no 'I'm sorry the person is not available at the moment', no gestures. I have heard it in a training, that whenver you get a phone call, smile while you accept the call, it really works out to have a nice conversation, however small it may be. Probably that is what the guy needed to do, because the conversation I just had with him I felt him as a guy with less etiquettes.

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