Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Learn to change: Speak least

Usually it happens, to me, that if there is a new person in front of me, then I tend to speak more than required, or more than I speak normally... This is one change that I guess I have got pinned down hard: to speak according to he requirement and to speak less if you realy want to open the mouth.

This is exactly what I am trying to practise right now as I type this post. It might be a little difficult to do so in the beginning as is the case with me, but there is a workaround which really helps: indulge yourself in some activity which might get you some relief, or might interest you. The easiest of which is blogging, of course, and people who cannot blog, can do some other stuff, like make a drawing and color it! Start composing a poem, think of azaad nazam (independent poetry), or if you are not a artistic kidn of personality, start thinking out of the box for a really new and different kind of business that can come into being!

Wow, its all awesome! :)

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