Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning Talk

My sister couldn't sleep all night, she is a little insomniac (though I disagree sometimes). She messaged me in the morning to wake up for the prayers, I was awake, and since it was Niaz at our place today, so I was busy in it. As soon as I got over with my prayer, my office car had reached my doorsteps to pick me for office, and I got ready and got into the car for office. Then I called my sister and talked to her, things pertaning to my other sister's wedding which is drawing close now, and then general things... She got interested to know that the U.S. has three different time zones, she did not know that. That's when she said that she is not really up to date and she really wants to be. I talked to her about her plans, she is interested in doing a job at some school, she thinks its her passion, I encouraged her, and made her realize that to acheive her passion, she needs to be disciplined in her life first, she agreed...

Then I called my mother, just to tell her that i have reached home. Told her not to work overwhelmingly as people will be coming over to our place nearly all day long to have their participation in the Niaz.

Then I called my eldest sister, who was in her school van on her way to school, talked to her about when will she come to our home, and just had a small chat.

This was a Good Morning. A Good Morning Talk.

Moral: Talking to siblings, without any topic, every few days, make them feel that you are there for them. It is a healthy activity, and important too.

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