Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Full mind, change acceptance

I mentioned that this July I will be going through changes. One thing that I can notice is about work, that I can work steadily, in a little better way. To be precise, I used to get derailed during work if I had my mind occupied by something else, or something just happened which could easily take away my concentration resulting in loss of steady working performance. This is starting to get reduced now. I work steadily, better than before, even if there are pressures I tend to ignore them and go ahead with work, now obviously the derailing factors does change the performace level, but now they don't completely take my concentration of from work.

Next things which can now reduce this negative effect further can be less talking and keeping track of office time, that how much time has been spent on what.

Probably I will have to listen and understand Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-ul-Hassan's Q theories yet again and in fact it will be great if I post them to my blog so that i remember them better!

ETA: COW. (Estimated Time of Arrival: Close Of Week)

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