Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming up next: Mango Party!

Zain says:
Hey Anil!, Let's have a mango party... what do you say?

Anil says:
dude, when it comes to party, I am automatically IN
Zain says:
right, shoot an email to everyone about this, cowabunga! ;)

Email from Anil:

Hey Guys,

I’m excited to say we will be having a mango party sometime this week preferably on Thursday. I kindly request everyone pitch in 100 rupees and have a fun and wild time enjoying mangos.


Anil Nanji

(Look at his "mangos"'s spelling :P)

Just did the money collection, I have got 3700 rupees in my pocket now, will buy many different kinds of mangoes and thinking to have some better arrangement than the one we have in the cafeteria!

Mangoes all the way tomorrow!!

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