Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wadi-a-Hussain Graveyard - Grave booking

Wadi-a-Hussain (a.s.) (Wadi-e-Hussain to type it correctly), is the only online graveyard of Karachi. They don't have an interactive services to book a grave, but they do have their contact number (Contact name: Syed Mohd Alam Zaidi Number:92-021-6360079) through which you can ask how to get a grave booked.
The method is simple, you go to Imambargah Khairul Amal, pay them a sum of 7000 Rs., and get a receipt which confirms a grave booked. They make the title slab on their own, so you don't need to order it separately (this is as per my conversation with the representative I called).

My friend asked to get a grave for the burial of her wife's belongings. I will go there on friday to help him out with this...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning Talk

My sister couldn't sleep all night, she is a little insomniac (though I disagree sometimes). She messaged me in the morning to wake up for the prayers, I was awake, and since it was Niaz at our place today, so I was busy in it. As soon as I got over with my prayer, my office car had reached my doorsteps to pick me for office, and I got ready and got into the car for office. Then I called my sister and talked to her, things pertaning to my other sister's wedding which is drawing close now, and then general things... She got interested to know that the U.S. has three different time zones, she did not know that. That's when she said that she is not really up to date and she really wants to be. I talked to her about her plans, she is interested in doing a job at some school, she thinks its her passion, I encouraged her, and made her realize that to acheive her passion, she needs to be disciplined in her life first, she agreed...

Then I called my mother, just to tell her that i have reached home. Told her not to work overwhelmingly as people will be coming over to our place nearly all day long to have their participation in the Niaz.

Then I called my eldest sister, who was in her school van on her way to school, talked to her about when will she come to our home, and just had a small chat.

This was a Good Morning. A Good Morning Talk.

Moral: Talking to siblings, without any topic, every few days, make them feel that you are there for them. It is a healthy activity, and important too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking over on phone with the outside world

I just called my brother's Karachi office, as he instructed me to do so, but couldn't get to the person I needed to talk to.

In this small 1 minute 47 seconds conversation, in which nearly 1 minute was taken by the IVR and the operator, I felt a really cold thing: The guy who recieved my call, just replied that "call at around one", no 'please', no 'I'm sorry the person is not available at the moment', no gestures. I have heard it in a training, that whenver you get a phone call, smile while you accept the call, it really works out to have a nice conversation, however small it may be. Probably that is what the guy needed to do, because the conversation I just had with him I felt him as a guy with less etiquettes.

She smiles in the lost world

I asked my best friend, who looked satisfied, but was in a grief, that what was wrong with him? He told me his story...

His wife died in an accident. All he can now bury is her belongings. Since he did not live with her, her belongings are with others, which he is going to take back and bury. Her belongings include a shirt (Qameez) orange in color, a Pakistani female trouser (Shalwar) white in color with threads embroidery, a South Asian stall (Dupatta), Sleepers (Chappals:kolapuris) of orange color which he bought after much selection, a maroon leather wallet with her name printed in golden over it which was the last gift he presented to his wife, a movie dvd which he just compiled for her with movies: Juno, The Bourne Series, etc, a card which he made and she pasted on her room’s with title “together we sit”, having her family's group photo in it and two cell phone SIM cards that he bought for her in the past years which she used untill she died...

Hearing this story from him, I got shocked and I felt really grieved... I thought he was making it hard on himself, he must simply forget everything and move on, but he convinced me:

"I was not used to wake up in the morning on my own. But since the incident, my sleep gets disturbed very early in the morning, and after that I get horrible dreams. Nearly daily. In my dreams I saw her coming to me, being angry at me, once I saw her brushing my hairs with her hands and when I asked her to come along with me, she just walked away, 'moved on' would be the right word. I couldn't bare all this... I had to bury her, or else her thought keep roaming in my mind all the times. I talk to her, I try to tell her that it was not the supposed thing to happen, she passes by me, and just moves on, I shriek, all in agony, but she just 'moves on', I can't live this way Zain,... I would have gone to end my life, but it will be injustice to my parents in their old age, and to my brother and sisters, so I need to end this somehow..."

"...I will bury her belongings, to a grave, put a slab with her name engraved sweetly over it, will do it all alone, stay there, cry for her, and put an end to the unending love I have for her... I would still love her, and whenever I would miss her badly, would go to her grave, cry a bit and recite prayers for her... I get happy by the thought of doing so... My love will get eternal then..."

This sounded very emotional for me, but I just placed myself on his place, and found peace by this thought. So he actually convinced me for what he is doing. He added a line to me, which sounded logical, and since it is all unharmful, I accepted this commented: "Emotional people can only be healed emotionally Zain..."

The last thing that he mentioned, was cute: "When I imagine my love properly buried, I find her satisfied with me. She smiles in the lost world, and all I can see from the lost world, is her smile."

May they both rest in peace, not in pieces.
God bless them with peace.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'll have to write it myself...

I was trying to find a poem on the death of a very close friend. I searched on the internet, but to vain. As far as i found, none explained my feelings. So I think I will have to write one myself. It is a very heavy task for me though... Not writing poetry, but writing it on such a topic, in such a condition...

May God help me...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Achanak se!

At 2 am in the night/morning, we all decided to ask my cousin Farheen baji's hand for my brother Yousuf, and her mother got ready instantly! :D

We are all excited!! :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good night

When you feel you are sleepy, go to sleep without any other thought. It is as simple as that, leave everything (if there is something not REALLY important) and just get to your bed/sofa/floor wherever you like to sleep. But sleep just when it hits you that you need to sleep.

Just got out of the dilemma

I was in a dilemma.

I was in shortage of a friend, a good great close friend, whom I could tell everything I have been having in my heart, who could help me in everything, who could lead me out from the current mud to a rehab, and from the rehab to a normal life. Being in a bad situation, I just went blind and couldn't see anyone. But out of the blue, really suddenly, someone said 'knock knock', and I just found the perfect partner. My new best friend, brand new! :) I know my best friend has a shining personality... I can confidently say hat my new best friend has all I wanted. (Yes, I was in need. I don't feel shy, and find no harm in speaking out that I needed a friend.). Now I know I have to keep up with my friend.

Good times coming ahead! Promising ones.

Khuda Hafiz! :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Learn to change: Speak least

Usually it happens, to me, that if there is a new person in front of me, then I tend to speak more than required, or more than I speak normally... This is one change that I guess I have got pinned down hard: to speak according to he requirement and to speak less if you realy want to open the mouth.

This is exactly what I am trying to practise right now as I type this post. It might be a little difficult to do so in the beginning as is the case with me, but there is a workaround which really helps: indulge yourself in some activity which might get you some relief, or might interest you. The easiest of which is blogging, of course, and people who cannot blog, can do some other stuff, like make a drawing and color it! Start composing a poem, think of azaad nazam (independent poetry), or if you are not a artistic kidn of personality, start thinking out of the box for a really new and different kind of business that can come into being!

Wow, its all awesome! :)

Full mind, change acceptance

I mentioned that this July I will be going through changes. One thing that I can notice is about work, that I can work steadily, in a little better way. To be precise, I used to get derailed during work if I had my mind occupied by something else, or something just happened which could easily take away my concentration resulting in loss of steady working performance. This is starting to get reduced now. I work steadily, better than before, even if there are pressures I tend to ignore them and go ahead with work, now obviously the derailing factors does change the performace level, but now they don't completely take my concentration of from work.

Next things which can now reduce this negative effect further can be less talking and keeping track of office time, that how much time has been spent on what.

Probably I will have to listen and understand Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-ul-Hassan's Q theories yet again and in fact it will be great if I post them to my blog so that i remember them better!

ETA: COW. (Estimated Time of Arrival: Close Of Week)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming up next: Mango Party!

Zain says:
Hey Anil!, Let's have a mango party... what do you say?

Anil says:
dude, when it comes to party, I am automatically IN
Zain says:
right, shoot an email to everyone about this, cowabunga! ;)

Email from Anil:

Hey Guys,

I’m excited to say we will be having a mango party sometime this week preferably on Thursday. I kindly request everyone pitch in 100 rupees and have a fun and wild time enjoying mangos.


Anil Nanji

(Look at his "mangos"'s spelling :P)

Just did the money collection, I have got 3700 rupees in my pocket now, will buy many different kinds of mangoes and thinking to have some better arrangement than the one we have in the cafeteria!

Mangoes all the way tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Change - Hobby and Interest

Since the arrival of July, something has been roaming in my mind, something light blue, sky like weight and positive. It is the fume of change roaming around my mind.

One thing I have grabbed, an interest, and this is to blog. What is blogging? It is maybe nothing more than catharsis, and we all need this to sort our brains. But there is always a need of a happy face to be in your brain. It might be your own smiling face, your nephew's laughing face, your wife's satisfied face, whatever it is there has to be satisfaction in you. What if satisfaction is not there? I do not know the answer, there are answers out there, but I do not have them settled in my mind.

Anyway, I am happy to have a small interest getting developed in me.

The Secret Adventures Of Zain And Salman!

Get a bike from someone at the office, get Salman who can ride the bike, rush downstairs from the office, take out the bike, rush to Zahid nehari, and enjoy a FULL PLATE OF NALLI NEHARI! :D

This is the adventure me and Salman have, bunking office time and secretly going to Zahid Nehari to have my all time favourite Nalli Nehari! This time I even took the photo ;)