Thursday, June 26, 2008

Employee Appreciation


That was the exclamation of the whole 60 people TRG Europe team when they joined on the telephone bridge to say thanks to a fellow developer, and a good friend of mine; Fawwad Atiq. This bridge was open only for the sake of thanking Fawwad for his exceptional work over the last few month. He really deserved this. the whole U.K. team thanked Fawwad and they promised him a prize for this.

I can tell from the freshness over Fawwad's face, that they made his day :)

Hats Off Fawwad! :)

Employee appreciation does create a difference in the life of an employee, but is shouldn't be abused at any workplace, i.e. appreciating the employee to neglect other parts of his life. (Ofcourse this is not the case with my colleague, it is just a thought.)

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