Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been thinking lately to get a change in my life. It has got corrupted due to inaction, and has just been frustrating. I am not going to get into the details of anything, but over all, things have became monotonous, routined (ill routined actually, due to job timings), not really interesting, and low. The key to change all this, is most probably to get a big change in my life.

What is a change?

Just googled it and found so many different results that I opened the word web dictionary, and found it's meaning. Change, can be used as a verb, and it means Cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. All right, I need a transformation. Transformation from the current self I have got developed.

I am planning to make this change in the upcoming months, starting from July 2008. I don't have exact mindset as of yet for what needs to be done first to achieve the "change", but I guess making myself physically better would be one the first things that I would find helpful in getting nearer to the change. Other things might include scheduling work timings (as soon as I have typed this, I have pinged my boss on the instant messenger to tell him to get a van to pick and drop us daily; this will schedule the time automatically) and developing a hobby/interest.

That's it for right now, till this point, this all always seemed a hell lot of stuff for me to do, but I will make sure that I take them easy on mind and hard on implementation. :)

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