Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pizza Power!!


Mr. Ali warming himself up with a cup of tea for the Pizzas

We had a Pizza party. Funded by TRG, raised by Shoaib Shakoor. And byt this time that I am typing this post, I am hungry. :)


I am quite irritated by certain things, thought he new year has been a dawnlight for me, resollutions resolutions everywhere, and I am happy with them too! :) But there is one small thing that is getting me irritated, The Opposite Sex! I mean new recruits at my office. It might sound weird, but I am irritated by their existence inside the Training Lab room which is the TRG Software Services' room now. Not because of any thing else, but because of two main things:
  1. The perfumes they wear, and
  2. The way they talk (the typical larkiyaana style.)

I don't say they shouldn't wear perfumes, or they should keep silent all the times, but I AM IRRITATED!! :S

God Save Me...!

p.s. There is also one big little serious reason behind this too............ but it is too serious and ...I can't share it.