Friday, December 26, 2008


Red, Orange, Brown
Fire, Flower, Fair
But all in peace,
and all dancing.

The color of Mehendi attract me
They tell me stories
through the palm-lines they lie upon
these lines point to the identity
every human has a unique identity
and so has a different heart
so they tell me about their heart
about her heart
because that is the real identity of everyone: their hearts

The heart tells many stories itself
sometimes, it is worn out and gets rusted
but when it is shiny - it speaks the truth
when do you know it is shiny?
when the beholder is free

freedom is never from the outside
outside is just the mask for others to be shown
it is the Inside that is the real You
it is the Inside that is the real Me

When I see her free
Her heart tells me stories
through the lines
which are hidden under the Mehendi
and the Mehendi is dark in color
and pure in smell

and it speaks of Love
it speaks of sweet madness
but not all that see can comprehend
it needs heart to hear the Mehendi
speak of another heart

Monday, December 22, 2008

Muntazar al-Zaidi: Depicting Rumi's words

Arise, O son! burst thy bonds and be free!
How long wilt thou be captive to silver and gold?
Though thou pour the ocean into thy pitcher,
It can hold no more than one day's store.
The pitcher of the desire of the covetous never fills,
The oyster-shell fills not with pearls till it is content;
Only he whose garment is rent by the violence of love
Is wholly pure from covetousness and sin.
Hail to thee, then, O LOVE, sweet madness!

Wonderful couplet by Rumi - and wonderful practical depiction of the couplet by Muntazar al-Zaidi.
Photo courtesy:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday night, Rain, Driving, Ecstasy

It is a wonderful weather outside. It rained heavily in the evening, I was sleeping then as I did the night shift, and reached home late afternoon due to some stationary articles that I had to search and shop, which after searching8 shops, I found.

It's just very good outside - clean roads, shining with the road lights, mild-cold weather, not much cars on the roads (as it was about 11 in the night). The ecstasic part being a thought that reincarnated in my mind; the Thursday night reminded me of the blessings of Allah Almighty that shower during this night till friday prayers. I remember I read somewhere that on from Thursday night till the time of Friday prayers, one should recite Salawat on Holy Prophet (P .B. U. H.) and his Progeny as much as possible.

May Allah accept our plea, and forgive us all, and shower His Blessings on all of us.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pakistani Patriotism

I can see three people having patriotic personal messages after the current tense situation between India and Pakistan, on my MSN Contacts List, the messages are:

- I confess I am Patriotic
- Proud to be PAKISTANI
- I want to throw some shoes too (this is about Bush being thrown shoes upon, i cann this international patriotism)


Pakistan Zindabad!


Interesting read:

Jaffer Jees - a nice shop

I like shopping from Jaffer Jees. It is a very costly to shop from here though - but whenever I shop anything from this shop I like it, and have no price regrets :)

You can shop Jaffer Jees products online from:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.

- Bette Davis

Monday, December 8, 2008

Break fails...

And my car is into the rear bumper of a new Corolla. I tried to push the break, it was going inside as if there exists nothing at the other end of the break - no oil, or as if it is all free... it was horrifying. I did not pull the hand breaks even, and the car was just not stopping at all!! I could see the Corolla 2.0D standing still at the Jauhar round about signal, waiting to go green, and I felt extremely helpless at not able to stop my car, it was just rocketing without any stops...

Then it crashed into the Corolla... causing its rear bumper to break, trunk affected, lights bent.

I rushed to the gentleman driving the car, a really nice man. I told him instantly that my breaks failed completely, he came to see what happened to his car, I tried to see what happened and identified the dents, and asked him to tell me the expense so that I caould pay him for that.
to my surprise, the gentleman did not even ask for anything, did not even utter a word, and went back to his car. I really felt bad, and gave him my card...

The reason was that my break tube was all old, so much so that it bursted out when I applied the brakes, and then there was no use applying brakes...

I got a new tube installed just then, and drove to office. But still I am a little scared off to drive back home. Car overhauling on saturday.

Thank God nothing happened to anyone's life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Nothing endures but change

Variant translations:
There is nothing permanent except change.
The only constant is change.
Change is the only constant.
Change alone is unchanging.

- Heraclitus

Monday, November 10, 2008

Was that you?

Someone tapped on my shoulder, I looked left and right, moved to see if there is someone, but there wasn't any.

Was that you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marvi Memon - interesting blog

Interesting to read the detailed views and activities of a rather active and young member of the national assembly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dadda at STM

Dadda (my grandmother) wrote during the Strategic Time Management (STM) workshop that I conducted at her place the following text, when I asked everyone to do an exercise over incorporating and utilizing buffer times for our plans:

"People who waste time can't do anything, I feel hurt at this. Can't help but I feel like doing many things even at this age which I used to do but I don't really remember certain things. Now that I am old I have got my thinking power to be less strong, even this day I feel like doing many things but well what I do is I tell all these things to the house of God."

These were very thought provoking sentences.

Dadda, (my grandmother), is not my actual grandmother. She is my father's aunt, but I like feeling her as my real grandmother, doesn't make any difference. We all always called her Dadda, and so I never remembered her name. Today, I got her form filled for the STM workshop, and saw her name Saeed Begum written onto it.

A tiring yet refreshing day it was.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir (Awaited in realism)

When you will be around
how wonderful it will be!
Peace everywhere, justice everywhere!

When I listen to the ginan sung by Aabida Parveen. I used to listen to it, because Aabida Parveen sang it in a very rich fashion, but then I stopped listening to it because I felt bad that I am enjoying something which is sung for a false Imam (Aga Khan, Imam of Ismaili Shi'as). Since then, I have felt enigmatically about the re-appearance of Imam Mehdi (a.s., azzawajal). When he will be here, what an environment it will be!! Extremely interesting, and emotional for me to think about it. I realize that this will happen after very tough situations, more tougher than my imaginations, but the thought of this milestone, just takes away all the worries!

Kabhi Aey Haqeeqat-e-Muntazir
Nazar Aa Libaas-e-Mijaaz Mayn
Kay Hazaar Sajday Tarap Rahay Hain
Meri Jabeen-e-Niaz Mayn...
Color's in the inside!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every other call, every other instant

It is you, I think of
Every other call, every other instant
Surprises give me a huge happiness,
Till just when I get to know that,
It is nothing related to you.
I just got a quote sent by an unknown number. I am since then trying to call on this number, it is an unknown number number, and it just lets me feel that it might be the number of the person I think 99.9% of my time, at the cost of losing my short term memory to a very high magnitude... So much so that every now and then I am told by someone that you are "lost", and that you are forgetting things easily these days...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Track of the Wind: the book

Today, I am very much happy at having the book back with me. I have some very strong memories and emotions attached to this book. I gave it a couple of years back or more to Lubna Inaam Khan, a friend, to read. I just read the novel once, but read a few of its parts quite a few times. One of the best paragraph that I find from the book is:

Wishes are like wild flowers. They sprout up - they don't care where; in ditches and wastelands; in neglected gardens; in forests and wildernesses; in the cracks of walls and abandoned buildings. I am like a wish.

I just love the above paragraph. So much so that I remembered it by heart till now, but just due to precision I opened the book once again and typed it.

To search for this paragraph, I went through many of the pages and as I read the few lines of many pages, it reminded me many striking memories and emotions. Marvinder - Marvi, the character in the novel, whenever I read this name I get the word Red in my mind.

It is lovely to have the novel with me, very soothing, and the book seems to me a beautiful palace of a wonderful, generous and a motherly Queen.

Monday, October 13, 2008

World Happenings: As I know it

UAE's stock markets crashed, banks empty of money. US banks empty of money, financial institutions in trouble. Trade: less buyers, less exports. Power seems shifting from West to East (I like Gohar's comment: Atlantic is losing it's charm). China: stopped it's exports. MEA (Mis. East Asia) is out of food. My country Pakistan: unknown, but in trouble, since musharraf just imported more and more, but did not "produce" much.

It is not really good, whatever is happening.

Just had a chat with my cousin who is in international tradings and shipping, and it was interesting to realize that shipping and trade is a hell lot exciting, you get to know the attitude of countries in detail...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Ladies

I usually start my emails like "Hi abc, Hello xyz" and for plurals, "Hello Guys, Hi Team, Gentlemen". But there are three ladies (Claire, Jo, and Wendy) that I have to address for something, so the right word is Ladies, and I just liked the phrase "Hello Ladies". Not to mention the fact that I like this phrase because the couple of ladies are a bit older than me, (Jo has a son of my age! and Claire is older than my oldest sister who is 17 years older than me!)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eid's first day ends with a good start

It was Eid day today, and as the day ends, I am here to wrap up my day with the plan for tomorrow's.

It was in my task list to make a Surah Rehman Blog. So I finally did that. My plan of action to update this blog will be to post single verses or single set of verses of Surah Rehman, and have some explanations over them.

If anyone reads this post, please pray for my consistency in this task.

The URL is

Thank you, and warm Eid Greetings!

I just want to thank Allah, and the month of Ramazan, and everyone who has stayed in touch with me in this month, not to mention the person who I think of 24x7 (but never get the chance to talk to), for giving me such a wonderful time! Even if they just gave me a wonderful time in my dreams :)

May Allah give us all prosperity, success, peace and harmony from the passing Ramazan.

Big Cheers! :)


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gearing with life

My archives tell me that I needed time with my own self, to work on my own self. I got this time, although it was a bit painful, but this time has left me with a fresh feeling just as I anticipated. Now, I am gearing up with life, and it is really refreshing.

Planning, executing, thinking, and being active all the times is making me feel happy. The other thing is being studious, I am trying to be studious, or at least study on time. This is one of the best feelings I am having these days...

I wish, hope and pray that everything goes smoothly. Especially my exams.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How to solve Mathematics

Shomaila Monis's profile just got posted as a series of Get To Know Your Team emails sent by trg tech press. In her profile, she mentioned that she scored the maximum marks in Mathematics in her 1st year board's exams. After spending the four years at Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi, I have gone quite really scared from Mathematics. Frankly speaking, I am haunted by the sound of Mathematics to the extent that it gives me a weird headache. (Headache in the temporal lobes).

I am trying to overcome this fear from Mathematics and the exams of Maths, so I just asked her for how to be successful in Maths. Following are the tips she gave me:

  • practice
  • passion
  • should enjoy solving problems
  • do it as a hobby rather than homework
I will inshaAllah follow her tips.

Wish me luck! :)

Simple living and high thinking

This is what my relative grandfather used to tell my uncle Jalaluddin Hussain. I really feel good at having the affectionate responses of my uncle and Mr. S. Abu Ahmed Akif (Ex director General EOBI, current DG in Sindh Govt.) whom I met at the Strategic Time Management workshop in the last couple of days.
One of the quotes that I learned from Abu Ahmed Akif, was,

Those who don't sweat in peace, bleed in war.

I am looking forward to having a good relationship with the literary people. Praying to make this literary journey a strong paced one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Softer than cloud, mightier than storm

This is what I need to shape myself into.

May Allah give me the strength to achieve this... Ameen.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A couple of good days, a couple of good dreams

They were on 2nd September's and 3rd September's mornings. In the earlier one, there was someone* sitting near me, and telling me with a confident smile, that 'How could you think that I will ever leave you?'. It was just a shock to me. After all those depressing and disturbing dreams, this one came totally unexpected. I thought this was happening in real, but suddenly realized that it was a dream, and woke up...

The latter one was just today, that is, 3rd September 2008. I was on a phone call with someone*. The voice said in a positive, happy and soothing tone, "Zain listen to me, relax and everything will be fine, stay happy and I am with you...", there were some more words that I could not really understand as I realized this is not in real... it was a bit painful experience to tell myself that this phone call is not in real, so let's not get emotional and let's wake up and move myself away from this phone call as it is time to wake up.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Surah Qasas : 33 - 35

Surat Al-Qasas (Arabic: سورة القصص ) (The Stories) is the 28th sura of the Qur'an with 88 ayat.

Translation of Ayahs 33 - 35:

"He said, 'I have killed a person from among them, I therefore, fear that they may kill me'.

And my brother Haroon, he is more eloquent is speech than me, therefore appoint him a Messenger for my help that he may confirm me, I fear that they will belie me.

He said, 'It is near that We shall strengthen your arm with your brother and shall give you both dominance, then they could not harm you on account of Our signs. You both and those: who will follow shall triumph'."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hope is faith holding out it's hand in the dark.
- George Illis

Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Self' Satisfaction

You might be in a battle ship, or in one of the lavish bedrooms of some Royal Castle, wherever you are, the only one that can make you stay satisfied, is your own self. There might be many things that you might really want to have, but this has nothing to do with the self satisfaction, because if you keep trying, keep planning, and keep thinking positively about it, you will stay satisfied, contended, and at times happy too. Being overly hopeful is also not a good thing, so be rational, and be strong in your will and actions. One thing which can be Very Very helpful, is praying all the times, and being managed time wise, it really helps.

Afterall, your brain is not for thinking everything all the times, it is about thinking once (when you are planning), and then just thinking while implementing one thing at a time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Be a pessimist, and die early. Not just yourself, but others around you die early too, at least the mental death.

Get a life, get strong, fight against your brain! Fight against this pessimism ROTTING your brain!


Reko Diq Mystery

Reko Diq Mystery Teeth Maestro

What a wonderful start!

I woke at 4 am in the morning today too. It was not due to any bad dream or blood pressure, it was due to a very sweet dream. There wasn't much of content in my dream though, but it was wonderful. The child was SO young, she was probably in the first6 months of her life, no long hairs, big eyes with big black iris which are very responsive, and a bright smiling face (I remember I saw a few teeth in the mouth too).

Wow, it was wonderful! Though in my dream the baby was my sister's daughter, but I just felt her as if she was my daughter... It was way too wonderful and pleasant to play with her, I moved my finger near anf far from her eyes, and as I drew my finger near her eyes, she wanted to concentrate on it and both her irises met at the inside corner of her eyes and she smiled at it! Wow! :)


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tum se hi...

I was typing something else, but just got back to the expected mode (not mood).

Eyes in your eyes
Arms in your arms
What is left of me? What just happened?

Your words in the things I say,
Nights, just your souvenir,
Why did everything became your's?
What just happened?

Wherever I go,
I meet you,
just you, and just you,

There is silence in the noise,
a little fainting,
just you, just because of you...

Half a promise sometime,
more than half sometime,
feel like do it this way of loyalty,
Can't leave it if I want to,
can't destroy this even if I want to,
This thread of love that I have tied with you...

I am Your investment
Whatever I am,
is because of You...

Paths get connected,
Destination gets to me,
just because of You...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Of flesh and blood...

He cripples like a baby,
but keeps walking in the deep frozen steep path
to get to the summit
which is his target.

He would not let any wind
however cold or cutting
move him away from his path

To him,
summit is precious than blood
so he let go off the latter

His flesh is being eaten by the cold
but he worry's not

for the summit has the best of flesh and blood,
for the summit is his target.

Till when will you keep chasing me? :)

Someday you will end, someday you will stop bugging me, someday my nights will get back to normal ones, not like today's; waking up without any idea Why I woke up after just having a hardly 4 hours sleep...

Someday, you will no more be mine...

This is to my headache, precisely the temporal lobe ones...

No cure, but I am adamant.

I went to Aga Khan University Hospital today, to have a check up for the chronic sinusitis problem that I have. The doctor asked me my conditions, and on listening to them, he said there is 'no cure' for this. Inside, I got a little furious, because this time, I just exposed myself to a little morning air, and it made me get sick! So if even this little exposure can cause me inflammation, how will I control/prevent from it?

The doctor already had the answers:

- No exposure to open air
- No carpets at workplace or home, not at all
- No thick curtains in room, very light ones
- The bed needs to be put into sunlight every week, and cleaned regularly
- No colored drinks
- No juices, only the real ones allowed

This list drives me Crazzzy!! When I asked him about the possible surgery that the last doctor I consulted told me about, he gave me the opinion that I don't need it as such because my nasal passage is not too bad, it is just the hypersensitivity of my nasal mucosa that causes this.
I insisted for the surgery, because this is my target to get rid of this chronic sinusitis. He replied me to come back in 4 weeks time after taking medicines and then he will get my skull CT scanned to make 100% sure if either my surgery can be done or not. I am hopeful.

Meanwhile, before the doctor, an internee doctor took my initial/basic checkup. My blood pressure was not normal, it was high, she asked me a few questions, and then concluded that my blood pressure usually stay abnormal. Either too high or too low. Mostly it is high. Which is not due to any physical ailment...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Economic Rot

This guy 'Randy' from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, speaks quite well about the reality happenings and future predictions. A nice read.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wake Up! I am your dream!

Nearly everyday, it is a dream that wakes me up. Or kind of a dream, if not exactly a detailed dream. I woke up at 5:11 am in the morning today, again from a detailed dream.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan: Excitement in the air, more at home!

Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-Ul-Hassan are conducting a Strategic Time Management Workshop for fellow colleagues at trg tech. I am also enrolled in it's first batch, scheduled for today. It is Monday, 4th August 2008 today, and right now at 11:27 am, they seem a little busy and much excited about conducting the session.

It is wonderful to see the two fathers of a daughter each to be so excited about all this.I remember Ayaz-Ul-Hassan's sentence which he told me a couple of weeks back, " is really refreshing to see and play with my daughter, when I reach home...". And it is wonderful to just think of the the way they would be excited to play/train their daughters.

May Allah grant them and everyone with sweet daughters, and excitement to train their daughters.

Dhoom tana...

For the apparent person of my kind, this song (Dhoom tana of indian movie: om shanti om ) is a kind of song that I will not like to listen. But that is just the front/apparent side. In the internal/intimate part of my personality, I would like it, why? Why would I tell it? It is just to be told to the intimate one.

I am not bad at communication and/or expressing, I express on time... right?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Can't find him...

I met my friend last evening, he was extremely devastated. Nearly fell down twice. He got a message from one of the relatives of his deceased wife, that he can pick some of her stuff from her place where she lived, he got devastated by this idea. He wanted all that he mentioned, but they had already thrown some of the stuff away, much to his surprise. He whispered vaguely in my ears, "They lost my wife, they lost my wife belongings...". He then got a little furious, his mental exertion was visible from his wet red eyes, and shaking body. But then suddenly he fell down. I just rushed to get some help for him, and when I got back, he was no more there. He was gone. I searched all the places, but couldn't find him. I called his cell, but to vain. Maybe he is never going to show up again now, I can feel that he has gone somewhere from where I, or no one can reach out to him.

Surprisingly in the morning, I found an envelope in my bag, for the people who lived at her place. I thought I would open to read what it is inside, but realizing that he is no more here, and I might not be seeing him again, I opt not to open it, and I am just going to deliver it.

He was not a bad person at all, infact they were not a bad couple at all. There smile was awesome too. They got struck by these things: lack of understanding by her, impatience by him, lack of support from her and the rigidity from her of decisions involved in sensitive relationships, as if it was a bank deal, or war, or business agreement...

Good bye mate...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wadi-a-Hussain Graveyard - Grave booking

Wadi-a-Hussain (a.s.) (Wadi-e-Hussain to type it correctly), is the only online graveyard of Karachi. They don't have an interactive services to book a grave, but they do have their contact number (Contact name: Syed Mohd Alam Zaidi Number:92-021-6360079) through which you can ask how to get a grave booked.
The method is simple, you go to Imambargah Khairul Amal, pay them a sum of 7000 Rs., and get a receipt which confirms a grave booked. They make the title slab on their own, so you don't need to order it separately (this is as per my conversation with the representative I called).

My friend asked to get a grave for the burial of her wife's belongings. I will go there on friday to help him out with this...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning Talk

My sister couldn't sleep all night, she is a little insomniac (though I disagree sometimes). She messaged me in the morning to wake up for the prayers, I was awake, and since it was Niaz at our place today, so I was busy in it. As soon as I got over with my prayer, my office car had reached my doorsteps to pick me for office, and I got ready and got into the car for office. Then I called my sister and talked to her, things pertaning to my other sister's wedding which is drawing close now, and then general things... She got interested to know that the U.S. has three different time zones, she did not know that. That's when she said that she is not really up to date and she really wants to be. I talked to her about her plans, she is interested in doing a job at some school, she thinks its her passion, I encouraged her, and made her realize that to acheive her passion, she needs to be disciplined in her life first, she agreed...

Then I called my mother, just to tell her that i have reached home. Told her not to work overwhelmingly as people will be coming over to our place nearly all day long to have their participation in the Niaz.

Then I called my eldest sister, who was in her school van on her way to school, talked to her about when will she come to our home, and just had a small chat.

This was a Good Morning. A Good Morning Talk.

Moral: Talking to siblings, without any topic, every few days, make them feel that you are there for them. It is a healthy activity, and important too.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Talking over on phone with the outside world

I just called my brother's Karachi office, as he instructed me to do so, but couldn't get to the person I needed to talk to.

In this small 1 minute 47 seconds conversation, in which nearly 1 minute was taken by the IVR and the operator, I felt a really cold thing: The guy who recieved my call, just replied that "call at around one", no 'please', no 'I'm sorry the person is not available at the moment', no gestures. I have heard it in a training, that whenver you get a phone call, smile while you accept the call, it really works out to have a nice conversation, however small it may be. Probably that is what the guy needed to do, because the conversation I just had with him I felt him as a guy with less etiquettes.

She smiles in the lost world

I asked my best friend, who looked satisfied, but was in a grief, that what was wrong with him? He told me his story...

His wife died in an accident. All he can now bury is her belongings. Since he did not live with her, her belongings are with others, which he is going to take back and bury. Her belongings include a shirt (Qameez) orange in color, a Pakistani female trouser (Shalwar) white in color with threads embroidery, a South Asian stall (Dupatta), Sleepers (Chappals:kolapuris) of orange color which he bought after much selection, a maroon leather wallet with her name printed in golden over it which was the last gift he presented to his wife, a movie dvd which he just compiled for her with movies: Juno, The Bourne Series, etc, a card which he made and she pasted on her room’s with title “together we sit”, having her family's group photo in it and two cell phone SIM cards that he bought for her in the past years which she used untill she died...

Hearing this story from him, I got shocked and I felt really grieved... I thought he was making it hard on himself, he must simply forget everything and move on, but he convinced me:

"I was not used to wake up in the morning on my own. But since the incident, my sleep gets disturbed very early in the morning, and after that I get horrible dreams. Nearly daily. In my dreams I saw her coming to me, being angry at me, once I saw her brushing my hairs with her hands and when I asked her to come along with me, she just walked away, 'moved on' would be the right word. I couldn't bare all this... I had to bury her, or else her thought keep roaming in my mind all the times. I talk to her, I try to tell her that it was not the supposed thing to happen, she passes by me, and just moves on, I shriek, all in agony, but she just 'moves on', I can't live this way Zain,... I would have gone to end my life, but it will be injustice to my parents in their old age, and to my brother and sisters, so I need to end this somehow..."

"...I will bury her belongings, to a grave, put a slab with her name engraved sweetly over it, will do it all alone, stay there, cry for her, and put an end to the unending love I have for her... I would still love her, and whenever I would miss her badly, would go to her grave, cry a bit and recite prayers for her... I get happy by the thought of doing so... My love will get eternal then..."

This sounded very emotional for me, but I just placed myself on his place, and found peace by this thought. So he actually convinced me for what he is doing. He added a line to me, which sounded logical, and since it is all unharmful, I accepted this commented: "Emotional people can only be healed emotionally Zain..."

The last thing that he mentioned, was cute: "When I imagine my love properly buried, I find her satisfied with me. She smiles in the lost world, and all I can see from the lost world, is her smile."

May they both rest in peace, not in pieces.
God bless them with peace.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'll have to write it myself...

I was trying to find a poem on the death of a very close friend. I searched on the internet, but to vain. As far as i found, none explained my feelings. So I think I will have to write one myself. It is a very heavy task for me though... Not writing poetry, but writing it on such a topic, in such a condition...

May God help me...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Achanak se!

At 2 am in the night/morning, we all decided to ask my cousin Farheen baji's hand for my brother Yousuf, and her mother got ready instantly! :D

We are all excited!! :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good night

When you feel you are sleepy, go to sleep without any other thought. It is as simple as that, leave everything (if there is something not REALLY important) and just get to your bed/sofa/floor wherever you like to sleep. But sleep just when it hits you that you need to sleep.

Just got out of the dilemma

I was in a dilemma.

I was in shortage of a friend, a good great close friend, whom I could tell everything I have been having in my heart, who could help me in everything, who could lead me out from the current mud to a rehab, and from the rehab to a normal life. Being in a bad situation, I just went blind and couldn't see anyone. But out of the blue, really suddenly, someone said 'knock knock', and I just found the perfect partner. My new best friend, brand new! :) I know my best friend has a shining personality... I can confidently say hat my new best friend has all I wanted. (Yes, I was in need. I don't feel shy, and find no harm in speaking out that I needed a friend.). Now I know I have to keep up with my friend.

Good times coming ahead! Promising ones.

Khuda Hafiz! :)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Learn to change: Speak least

Usually it happens, to me, that if there is a new person in front of me, then I tend to speak more than required, or more than I speak normally... This is one change that I guess I have got pinned down hard: to speak according to he requirement and to speak less if you realy want to open the mouth.

This is exactly what I am trying to practise right now as I type this post. It might be a little difficult to do so in the beginning as is the case with me, but there is a workaround which really helps: indulge yourself in some activity which might get you some relief, or might interest you. The easiest of which is blogging, of course, and people who cannot blog, can do some other stuff, like make a drawing and color it! Start composing a poem, think of azaad nazam (independent poetry), or if you are not a artistic kidn of personality, start thinking out of the box for a really new and different kind of business that can come into being!

Wow, its all awesome! :)

Full mind, change acceptance

I mentioned that this July I will be going through changes. One thing that I can notice is about work, that I can work steadily, in a little better way. To be precise, I used to get derailed during work if I had my mind occupied by something else, or something just happened which could easily take away my concentration resulting in loss of steady working performance. This is starting to get reduced now. I work steadily, better than before, even if there are pressures I tend to ignore them and go ahead with work, now obviously the derailing factors does change the performace level, but now they don't completely take my concentration of from work.

Next things which can now reduce this negative effect further can be less talking and keeping track of office time, that how much time has been spent on what.

Probably I will have to listen and understand Atif Fasihi and Ayaz-ul-Hassan's Q theories yet again and in fact it will be great if I post them to my blog so that i remember them better!

ETA: COW. (Estimated Time of Arrival: Close Of Week)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming up next: Mango Party!

Zain says:
Hey Anil!, Let's have a mango party... what do you say?

Anil says:
dude, when it comes to party, I am automatically IN
Zain says:
right, shoot an email to everyone about this, cowabunga! ;)

Email from Anil:

Hey Guys,

I’m excited to say we will be having a mango party sometime this week preferably on Thursday. I kindly request everyone pitch in 100 rupees and have a fun and wild time enjoying mangos.


Anil Nanji

(Look at his "mangos"'s spelling :P)

Just did the money collection, I have got 3700 rupees in my pocket now, will buy many different kinds of mangoes and thinking to have some better arrangement than the one we have in the cafeteria!

Mangoes all the way tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Change - Hobby and Interest

Since the arrival of July, something has been roaming in my mind, something light blue, sky like weight and positive. It is the fume of change roaming around my mind.

One thing I have grabbed, an interest, and this is to blog. What is blogging? It is maybe nothing more than catharsis, and we all need this to sort our brains. But there is always a need of a happy face to be in your brain. It might be your own smiling face, your nephew's laughing face, your wife's satisfied face, whatever it is there has to be satisfaction in you. What if satisfaction is not there? I do not know the answer, there are answers out there, but I do not have them settled in my mind.

Anyway, I am happy to have a small interest getting developed in me.

The Secret Adventures Of Zain And Salman!

Get a bike from someone at the office, get Salman who can ride the bike, rush downstairs from the office, take out the bike, rush to Zahid nehari, and enjoy a FULL PLATE OF NALLI NEHARI! :D

This is the adventure me and Salman have, bunking office time and secretly going to Zahid Nehari to have my all time favourite Nalli Nehari! This time I even took the photo ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Where do you want to go today?

Often I start a day very normally, and it goes normal till the time I interact with people. Once I do, it becomes confused, I forget what I wanted to do, I forget what I wanted to work on, and it mostly happens at the office and affects office work.

This lack of attention and preoccupied brain is a big distraction for me towards concentration at work. Then I try to find a solution towards this problem and in doing so I get frustrated as to what the optimal solution can be.

Sometimes we just need to set ourselves free and work, even if it is a bit slow. I have learnt this thing to some extent that even if I stay preoccpied, or have some strong stuff running inside my head, I keep pushing myself towards work, no matter how slow I work... It is helpful.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Employee Appreciation


That was the exclamation of the whole 60 people TRG Europe team when they joined on the telephone bridge to say thanks to a fellow developer, and a good friend of mine; Fawwad Atiq. This bridge was open only for the sake of thanking Fawwad for his exceptional work over the last few month. He really deserved this. the whole U.K. team thanked Fawwad and they promised him a prize for this.

I can tell from the freshness over Fawwad's face, that they made his day :)

Hats Off Fawwad! :)

Employee appreciation does create a difference in the life of an employee, but is shouldn't be abused at any workplace, i.e. appreciating the employee to neglect other parts of his life. (Ofcourse this is not the case with my colleague, it is just a thought.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow Turkey Wow!

Turkey gave a really hard time to Germany, infact, it was a complete tough game and a complete semifinal. Turkey had nothing to lose, as it already made a great show by reaching semifinals.

Germany won 3-2, and it was awesome watching the match in the cafeteria.

Hatts off to Turkey!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have been thinking lately to get a change in my life. It has got corrupted due to inaction, and has just been frustrating. I am not going to get into the details of anything, but over all, things have became monotonous, routined (ill routined actually, due to job timings), not really interesting, and low. The key to change all this, is most probably to get a big change in my life.

What is a change?

Just googled it and found so many different results that I opened the word web dictionary, and found it's meaning. Change, can be used as a verb, and it means Cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. All right, I need a transformation. Transformation from the current self I have got developed.

I am planning to make this change in the upcoming months, starting from July 2008. I don't have exact mindset as of yet for what needs to be done first to achieve the "change", but I guess making myself physically better would be one the first things that I would find helpful in getting nearer to the change. Other things might include scheduling work timings (as soon as I have typed this, I have pinged my boss on the instant messenger to tell him to get a van to pick and drop us daily; this will schedule the time automatically) and developing a hobby/interest.

That's it for right now, till this point, this all always seemed a hell lot of stuff for me to do, but I will make sure that I take them easy on mind and hard on implementation. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Being a big supporter for early marriage of youngsters, I found this book a nice read.

Happy reading! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Remebering Iqbal

Remembering Iqbal
(9th November 1877 – 21st April 1938)

The hawk is never tired of flight,
Does not drop gasping on the ground
If unwearied it remains on wings,
From hunters' dread is safe and sound.

- Iqbal

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bank of Credit and Commerce International

The Absolute is the totality of things; all that is, whether it has been discovered or not. It is usually conceived of as a unitary state of the external cosmos and internal spiritual consciousness — at least insofar as it can be acknowledged by the human mind — and is intelligible. In some varieties of philosophy, the Absolute describes ultimate reality. It contrasts with finite things, considered individually, known collectively as Relative.

The photo is of one of the group conferences of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (also known as BCC). The facts found on internet for BCC are very much screwed up, one of the reason I personally think, is that the whole company was put to end in a rampage in just five days. Consider a company having branches in 78 countries and being the 7th bank asset-wise world wide, and the completely is no more in JUST five days.

The other reason, is obviously the fabrication of facts. Many agencies around the world destroyed this financial empire in unison, and hence it must have not been a very hard task for them to destroy the facts.

BCC was a bank of excellence, and its founder, Agha Hasan Abedi was a devoted personality par excellence. He joined Habib Bank at the time of partition of the South Asia in 1947, created a bank which is now one of the leading banks in Pakistan named as United Bank Limited(UBL) in 1959 and then created BCC which started its operation from London in 1972 and took over the banking world in just ten years.

Apart from these developments, he founded many philanthropist institutions. Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) and Infaq Foundation are a couple of his creations, and many other institutions were supported by BCC.

BCCI was closed in 1991 by the United States and United Kingdom's government agencies.

Agha Hasan Abedi died in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1993.

May his soul rest in peace, with Totality.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pizza Power!!


Mr. Ali warming himself up with a cup of tea for the Pizzas

We had a Pizza party. Funded by TRG, raised by Shoaib Shakoor. And byt this time that I am typing this post, I am hungry. :)


I am quite irritated by certain things, thought he new year has been a dawnlight for me, resollutions resolutions everywhere, and I am happy with them too! :) But there is one small thing that is getting me irritated, The Opposite Sex! I mean new recruits at my office. It might sound weird, but I am irritated by their existence inside the Training Lab room which is the TRG Software Services' room now. Not because of any thing else, but because of two main things:
  1. The perfumes they wear, and
  2. The way they talk (the typical larkiyaana style.)

I don't say they shouldn't wear perfumes, or they should keep silent all the times, but I AM IRRITATED!! :S

God Save Me...!

p.s. There is also one big little serious reason behind this too............ but it is too serious and ...I can't share it.