Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Killed

Benazir Bhutto, a leading politician of my country Pakistan was assasinated in Rawalpindi today, the sister city of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, today. Right after the event, chaos took over everybody's mind and people packed and rushed for home. When we decided to leave we encountered complete traffic jam and heard of firings and vehicle burn-out, hence we did not leave. Nadeem Elahi, the Country Manager TRG Pakistan, asked us to stay here until things get better on the roads.

Its weird, chaotic, confusing, and obviously devastating. All this is not because we all loved Benazir Bhutto, but because things will get worse in the city as Karachi is in the province of Sindh which is the heart of Pakistan People's Party (PPP); Bhutto's party.

I just read a message that arrived to me from someone, and felt funny, the message was: "Benazir died, be careful." What am I to do with Benazir? This is an obvious question, but the obvious answer is Chaos!

Well, lets see what happens now. I hope things remain better.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I got this job

(I am not 100% certain of how it happened, so please keep in mind the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle while reading my opinion, but I have a firm believe or rather 100% sure that it was all from God)

I did not know either to apply at this place or not, TRG placed ADs in the newspaper but i was not sure if non pass outs were allowed or not. Nadeem applied there and got the job, i got to know this from my cousin Afaq who works in TRG ads well, and then my brother pushed me forward to apply for this job. Could have i applied for this job in case bhayan would have not pushed me for it? i do not realy know, maybe after hearing about nadeem i would have applied, but i still don't know. maybe i wouldn't have had applied at that place if my brother would have not pushed me for it.

But after he and my sister pushed me for it I applied and got the job, I also got the interview cleared due to him and due to a friend who asked me to make a project which made me capable of learning the technologies (C# and SQL Server). Plus, the interviewer, Shoaib Shakoor, took a little and easy interview, and Rahim even after knowing about my bad GPA gave me a chance to give the test again and score more. So things kind of worked out for me without much of my interruptions.
This is also known as luck. And i am thankful to Allah for it.
But this luck wouldn't have worked out if i had not got the chances of learning technologies, for which I am thankful to my brother Syed Yousuf Ali and one of my friends at the University.

There are two things more, though I don't know if the first of them is completely valid or not, but i feel them to be true, they are that if you want something from the core of your heart, with hope, you get it. Second thing, is not losing faith. Keep faith in Allah, ask Him to get you a job, and be pure from the heart.

Keep thinking, keep searching and keep your faith intact, and hope alive.

May God Bless All of Us.