Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Kitchen, As I See It

There are a few kitchen that we, people on job, interact with. They are, the Home Kitchen, the Office Kitchen and your friend's kitchen where you go at times. I like a friend's kitchen, because there is NO restrictions as such over anything, provided that there are things present in the kitchen. The office kitchen is a good place too, when you need a rendezvous from work to eat, but the only problem there is the wallet which cries for mercy, hence putting a hold on the unplanned and mad eating attitude.

The home kitchen ('Home Sweet Home Kitchen') is the place where we all love to go, but not on odd times, that is not when Mum's busy cooking and it seems that it will take an hour or so for the food to be served. There is one more thing related to the home kitchen, that YOU NEED TO BE AT HOME!!!

Eating a whole jar of peanut butter found from a friend's kitchen is what I like the best from a friend's kitchen (though there are things more to it, like eating a bowl full of salan without any roti).

From the old office, I like Green Tea made by Mäma (the maid) but I don't get in touch with that kitchen now as it is in the company which I worked for earlier, not now. This old company's kitchen had real homey touches, we could even cook food there, and Mäma used to give us opinions about either our lunch boxes had fresh food or either was it stale. Precisely, it was a loveable kitchen.

The company where I am working these days, has a kitchen which is not homey at all, it has no stove to cook, it has food on selected times, and there is no Mäma to give you green tea, in fact, there is no green tea available here, and if you want to have some tea, you have to make it yourself which, most of the times, is not very good.

Now comes the Home Sweet home kitchen. Eat; As you like! As much you like (or as much is available). You can order, or make it on your own. It is the best kitchen in the world!!!

i remember a quote of Imam Ali (a.s.) : "Hunger of the poor is only caused by the pleasure seeking of the rich, and Allah, the exalted, will question them about this."

Lets put a break to the consumerism that is getting into us more and more deep, making us reach out for sandwiches worthing more than 120 Rs (i.e. more than 2 $) whereas the samething is available for under 50 rupees (less than 1 $).

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